My Secret/ Not So Secret Paid Lead Generation System

I have taken my Saturday am position.

Well, it's the same position I take every morning, but on Saturdays I am not writing our daily emails or creating course content.

Nope, on Saturdays I am working on something different.

Something that pays me to do it…

Is it some secret spidey sense funnel with thousands of emails, links and pages?


Nothing like that.

I am simply finishing up my next book, a revision on our “Game Changers, How to Get 10,000 Fans and Turn Them into Your Next Cash Paying Customers” book.

I am certain it will be another best seller and will drive massive leads into our business while Amazon pays me from its says.

Say what? I am writing and it is paying me? And generating leads?

It sure is.

Writing books is paid lead generation. And the blueprint I’ve developed overtime guarantees that it is a best seller and produces top notch clients.

How it works:

  1. I pick a topic that is in line with the programs we offer.
  2. Identifying great case studies, I interview several people and put those interviews in the book.
  3. Writing on a few Saturday mornings, I create enough content supplement those interviews with additional content pulled from my teachings.
  4. A launch is planned with a one day livecast, recommending everyone go to Amazon to order the book and download a bonus Power Pack when then do.
  5. The week after the launch, I offer a bonus training to those who got the Power Pack and make an offer for one of our programs.

I have repeated this for our business six times successfully and have now coached over a dozen business owners to do the same. Each of them having a best-seller that has produced top level clients.

Profitable lead generation at its finest.

Here’s a screenshot from my Kindle Publishing report center with just a few of the payments I’ve received.

Marketplace Payment Number Date Payment Method Currency Currency Payout Amount Payment Status
Amazon.com 117674084 2020-01-29 EFT USD USD 1094,74 Paid
Amazon.com 65407222 2017-12-29 EFT USD USD 901,99 Paid
Amazon.com 67224217 2018-01-29 EFT USD USD 417,71 Paid
Amazon.com 69031239 2018-02-28 EFT USD USD 379,56 Paid
Amazon.com 70706127 2018-03-29 EFT USD USD 315,69 Paid
Amazon.co.uk 65044515 2017-12-29 EFT GBP USD 249,27 Paid
Amazon.com 72291166 2018-04-29 EFT USD USD 221,91 Paid
Amazon.com 74485082 2018-05-29 EFT USD USD 149,37 Paid
Amazon.com 63501597 2017-11-29 EFT USD USD 135,96 Paid
Amazon.com 76333396 2018-06-29 EFT USD USD 77,98 Paid
Amazon.com 90352704 2019-01-29 EFT USD USD 74,47 Paid
Amazon.com 78220050 2018-07-29 EFT USD USD 73,19 Paid
Amazon.com 120161175 2020-02-29 EFT USD USD 64,80 Paid
Amazon.com 122575418 2020-03-29 EFT USD USD 63,80 Paid
Amazon.co.uk 67133524 2018-01-29 EFT GBP USD 62,22 Paid
Amazon.co.uk 117777936 2020-01-29 EFT GBP USD 53,88 Paid
Amazon.com 86108113 2018-11-29 EFT USD USD 53,69 Paid
Amazon.com 88426504 2018-12-29 EFT USD USD 49,41 Paid
Amazon.com 96815112 2019-04-29 EFT USD USD 49,07 Paid
Amazon.com 94306718 2019-03-29 EFT USD USD 47,38 Paid
Amazon.com 84130511 2018-10-29 EFT USD USD 46,70 Paid
Amazon.co.uk 68625226 2018-02-28 EFT GBP USD 40,90 Paid
Amazon.com 92684608 2019-02-28 EFT USD USD 35,42 Paid
Amazon.com 82085247 2018-09-29 EFT USD USD 34,59 Paid
Amazon.co.uk 70524667 2018-03-29 EFT GBP USD 32,95 Paid
Amazon.com 79965059 2018-08-29 EFT USD USD 32,59 Paid
Amazon.com.au 68809640 2018-02-28 EFT AUD USD 26,23 Paid
Amazon.com.au 66996329 2018-01-29 EFT AUD USD 22,39 Paid
Amazon.com 20592354 2015-01-28 EFT USD USD 22,27 Paid
Amazon.com 18717886 2014-11-28 EFT USD USD 21,70 Paid
Amazon.com 115368764 2019-12-29 EFT USD USD 19,27 Paid
Amazon.com 112325115 2019-11-29 EFT USD USD 19,07 Paid
Amazon.com 103230266 2019-07-29 EFT USD USD 18,27 Paid
Amazon.ca 65233361 2017-12-29 EFT CAD USD 17,84 Paid
Amazon.com 107549222 2019-09-29 EFT USD USD 17,47 Paid
Amazon.com 101115585 2019-06-29 EFT USD USD 17,02 Paid
Amazon.com 109698066 2019-10-29 EFT USD USD 16,60 Paid
Amazon.com 98896459 2019-05-29 EFT USD USD 12,98 Paid
Amazon.com 105430531 2019-08-29 EFT USD USD 12,45 Paid
Amazon.com.au 70306853 2018-03-29 EFT AUD USD 11,13 Paid


More important than the sales from the books are the leads they have generated.

Many of our top clients in our Inner Circle Coaching program and VIP coaching clients came from reading my books.

Thinking about what you could write on?

A few prompts to get you started:

  1. Do you have a signature talk or webinar? Turn that into a book.
  2. Are there questions prospects or friends are always asking? Or the request to “pick your brain?” Turn that into a book.
  3. Do you have success stories of clients that others would enjoy hearing? Turn that into a book.
  4. Is there something that you’ve figured out that could help someone else? There’s a book for you.

And if you want the entire blueprint for creating a best-selling book that turns readers into your next customers clients and patients, join me for an upcoming brand-new webcast this week.

The 7-Day Best Selling Book Launch Plan
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