My Top 5 Favorite Books on Sales

Here’s a little secret… Facebook won’t sell for you.

Neither will Google.

Or LinkedIn.

The reality is that these resources can only drive traffic into your business. The selling part is still up to you.

Before you put anymore effort into traffic, it may be time to look at your sales process. To be honest, this was the first step in changing my firm from struggling to thriving—we had to get our sales system perfected.

Along the way, I have taken a lot of courses and read a lot of books. These were instrumental in developing the success we have now. (Happy dance!)

For today’s post, I share my top five favorite books on sales. (Tweet this) Each have had an impact on my business and I hope they do on yours as well.

Take a look at my list and add your own to the comments.


My Top 5 Favorite Books on Sales


Predictable Revenue by Aaron Ross

Great book by the gentleman who leads lead-generation for This book is a bit of a combo deal of marketing and sales, and is great for firms that are looking for both (as all should be).


5 Minutes with VITO by David Mattson

This book is about spending your time with those that can make your sales—decision makers. It details how to get to the top officers and how to communicate with them effectively to ensure the sale.


The Sales Acceleration Formula By Mark Roberge

Written by the mastermind behind Hubspot’s incredible growth, Mark goes into super helpful detail on how to build and scale a successful workforce. This is my most recent read and has been very helpful as we build up our sales team.


How to Win Friends and Influence People ByDale Carnegie

An oldie, but goodie, this book details how to treat people the way they should be treated, and to develop trust and position yourself as a trusted advisor instead of sales person. If you haven’t read this one yet, make it next on your list as it has the ability to help you in ALL aspects of your life—professional and personal. At least it did, for me!


To Sell is Human By David Pink

A “game changing” book for money, this book puts selling in the perspective of where it should be—a valuable act that allows people to be served in the ways they need to be served. Loved this book and it helped us position our messaging differently.

Have another book to suggest? Remember to add it to the comment section.

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