Oh yeah…there’s money hidden in your email list!

When my husband and I went away for our anniversary, I planned on being off email while gone. But I didn’t want the sales to cease just because I wasn’t working.

So when our Chief Marketing Officer Mike Stodola suggested we run a 3-Day Payday Campaign to get an extra surge of money while I was away, I said ‘yes’ faster than he could complete his sentence.

(I’m not going to lie. Whenever Mike offers to run a campaign that will make more money, I say yes… because, I mean, money looks good on me.)

So as I was enjoying a cocktail or two (or three), the Caribbean waters and my husband’s company (not necessarily in that order), there were thousands of dollars depositing in my bank account.

And this does not suck.

In fact, our last 3-Day Payday brought in over 12,782 in sales.

And this isn’t unique to just us. In fact, just the other day Jonas posted about his results in our private Facebook Group for our Powerful Professional members:

(Go Jonas, go Jonas, it’s your birthday, it’s your birthday…)

Or Magda who recently brought in $5,816…

You know that happy feeling you get when you find a couple of crisp $20 bills in a pair of jeans? Found money you didn’t know you had?

Imagine that same feeling… but its thousands of dollars… and you do it over and over again. Each time you run the same totally free campaign.

Oh. Heck. Yes.

Here’s how the 3-Day Payday works:

First: Decide on the great offer. It should be some great thing you offer with an extra wow factor just for the 3-Day Payday. You can discount for the 3-Day Payday, but we prefer bonuses so you aren’t teaching your audience that you discount.

Some examples of non-discount bonuses:

  1. Special tasting menu at your favorite restaurant with a bonus wine flight
  2. Course sale with a bonus toolkit
  3. Bonus coaching call with the sale of tickets to an event
  4. “Customer Attraction Toolkit” if you sign up as a client


Second: Write and schedule the emails.

  1. Day One: Share a story relating to a problem one of your customers has and how it was solved with your solution.
  2. Day Two: Mention the offer and put the bonus in the PS.
  3. Day Three: Tell them the bonus expires that night and they must take action quickly.
  4. Day Three (Optional): Send a final “time is running out” email to those who clicked to the “order form” but didn’t make a purchase

80%-90% of your sales will come in on Day 3 so stick with it even if you have no sales on Days 1 or 2.

With this campaign you can drive thousands of sales all while skipping the need to buy any ads.

Want the exact templates to use to send out your 3 Day Payday? Check this out!

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  1. Hi Kim, As a previous member of GKIC, I have been “following” some of your tips and pieces of training, the latest being the 10K likes in 72 hrs.
    [ it seems like the 72 hours is the common denominator these days as regards getting a quick surge of income 🙂 ]

    We did ok, 2300 with the worldwide Likes and got them at $0.02 each. However, as soon as we switched to my local target area( Australia) we only got 50 or so at a cost of $1.57 each. Now, this was still displaying the yellow add and the 5-word text.

    Did we get the system wrong? Should we have been displaying our own landing page or offer? After all, why would ” first world” Facebook users like a simple motivational statement, en mass, when there is so much other material being presented to them every minute?

    I not that you encouraged us to use the Thank You page to present an offer and that is our intention, but when I see the results that you and many others seem to have achieved with the ‘Likes” strategy, I feel that we have missed something even though we used the $20 a day budget.

    I am commenting/asking here because this is current and the 3-day payday kind of follows on.

    I have included our brand new website below because our issue going back to the GKIC days was always what juicy carrot to offer in our physical product and service niche. I have Dave Dee’s magnetic marketing and know the theory, but to be successful, one needs to have that “can’t resist” offer, and that has been our struggle. It is all very well to promote courses, webinars, coupons when they relate to basically electronic downloads and we are working on a series of PDF downloads that will help educate our prospects, but, that does not quite have the scarcity, urgency factors that are necessary.

    So the same applies to implementing this 3-day payday strategy.

    Sorry for the long comments, but I hope that whatever comes back from you will help others who may be in a similar situation.

    Thanks for the educational material that you put out there…. it is appreciated.

    1. Kim Walsh Phillips

      Hi there Tony!

      Thanks for reaching out! You missed a few steps in the training for the fans…it is important that you don’t switch to local until Day three when you should already have 6,000+ worldwide. And if you hang around for day three I share a free strategy to turn the fans into cash-paying customers. We do give an option to continue with a paid course if you want to learn more about facebook ads, but of course that isn’t a requirement. We have A LOT of members and students with physical products that crush it. If you join us for the training on the 3-day Payday this week and can’t relate it back to what you do, please ask questions– that’s what we are there for! I hope to see you there! – Kim

  2. Hi Kim,

    Really appreciate the reply, so many “marketers” seek feedback or replies but do not respond themselves.

    Hats off to you. !

    Here is what we did..

    We ran the worldwide campaign with 2361 likes @ 2c over a period of 3 days. When we hit the 2000 mark we switched on the local and turned off the worldwide. We thought that compared to the results that others were saying they achieved, that we were behind the “8” ball.

    We wondered why this could be the case, given that basically everyone who followed the training was doing the name thing for worldwide.

    We ran the local one for 4 days and only got 38 likes … I had to pause it, basically due to the cost per like which actually worked out at $1.62 each. 🙁

    So, You’re saying we should have let the worldwide run? You say that in doing so that we should now have some 6000 worldwide likes?

    We can do that, but it is the high cost of the local likes, compared to what you and others achieved that scared us! We don’t have much capital to play with, and really need a fast boost to our cash flow.

    I did watch all the training, a number of times as there were areas there where there was “assumed knowledge” in using the ad manager. (Like having to enter your location before one can make changes to the locations used.)

    So Kim, that is our current situation, what do you suggest?

    Re the 3day payday, I did watch and take notes on that over this last weekend and totally get the system. As previously mentioned, our issue is the “carrot ” or bonus that people will not be able to resist….since we are in high-end physical products and services. Our constant question has been what can we offer that does not break the bank.

    I assume that you had a squiz at the website?

    Looking forward to your reply and appreciate your offer for us to “ask”.



  3. Kim Walsh Phillips

    Hi there! Sounds like a skip may have been skipped…you should have about 6,000 new fans before going to local. And yes, local will always be more. This is a just the first step in setting up your cash machine, but way to go that you took action!

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