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The signs are everywhere, and they usually come with balloons on them.

“Open House Today!”

A marketing strategy real estate brokers use to promote a home they have for sale and attract buyers and maybe even a few sellers they might represent in the future to take a closer look.

While the house is for sale all of the time, and you can go and look at it anytime, why an Open House?

Because it takes something that can go on the “I’ll do it later” list and puts it on the “now” list.  It makes it urgent by giving it a date and a time for engaging in the sales process.

Same with fitness centers offering gym memberships vs. a Boot Camp.  Promoting a Boot Camp takes something that is open-ended and makes it time sensitive.  It increases urgency and pushes the prospect into action.

So, if you aren’t in real estate or don’t own a gym, can you use these same principals?

Of course not. They won’t possibly work for you.

Just kidding.

The most successful business owners don’t think, “this won’t work for me.” Instead they think, “How can I tweak this to work for my industry.”

Creating a time-sensitive call to action is a winning strategy to drive your audience to action regardless of the niche you are in.

And thankfully, there is an app for that.

Facebook Events.

By using Facebook Events, you can invite your audience to a promotion, whether it’s online or off.  Have an upcoming webinar? Set up an event. A sale at your store? Set up an event.  A healthcare seminar? Set up an event.

The secret marketing hack of events is that all your attendees are notified by Facebook when your event happens.  Reaching your audience where they already are (Facebook) and driving them to where you want them to be (your promotion).

We use Facebook Events to promote our weekly webinar, our live events like and any other promotion we run.


For the free livecast we recently did of, 10 Lead Generation Strategies for Under $10, we created the Facebook event, added it to the tour, and my followers were notified.

Not only does this give more attention to the events…

But it’s a quick and easy way to get more attendees and show-ups for your promotions.

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