One Strategy Snarky Tea Is Using To Close More Sales This Weekend!

Here’s a hilarious email I received yesterday from one of our Powerhouse members Jenni-Lyn. The subject line was “And then this happened…”

Oh, hey girl!

The other day we heard from our girlfriend Jill who really needed help (hey Jill).

Jill was trying to find the PERFECT mother’s day gift for her mom – who’s a total firecracker – and was afraid of getting just another boring trinket.

I mean, what do you buy the woman who owns everything? She literally has a hair extension that fell out of Britney’s head during her “Oops, I did it again” tour. The lady has it all.

Luckily, after chatting with us Jill realized that she could give her mom the one gift she could never buy, one-on-one time with her super awesome daughter (that’s Jill by the way, not her sister Julia who we’re still mad at for saying “Dawson’s Creek” was overrated… like, what?).

Anyway, when you get mom the Snarky Tea Bouquet, you’re not only getting her the best tea out there, you’re giving her an opportunity to schedule quality teatime with her favorite person… you! 

Oh, and of course you’re giving her a whole lot of laughs.

So, if you or anyone you know is interested in giving a one-of-a-kind gift that their mom will go absolutely wild for, simply click here for all the details.

P.S. Starting today, we’re offering a FREE “Original Head B*@%h In Charge Mug” with your Snarky Tea Bouquet purchase! This mug was specially designed for the original bad@$s in your life – MOM! But this deal only lasts through Sunday at midnight!

*Available to everyone except Julia who wouldn’t know the best TV show ever if it literally bit her in the a#$.*

Jenni-Lyn is the owner of Snarky Tea and after being on Shark Tank and attracting investment from Kevin O’Leary and Bethenny Frankel (woop woop) her business has exploded.

This is great and exactly what Jenni-Lyn wanted, the thing is, one you have investors like Kevin and Bethenny to report to, you want to keep things moving.

And while she is super smart, and has awesome ideas, Jenni-Lyn knew she could use help with her digital marketing.

So when I met her at an event I was speaking at, I told her about what we did and how we help business find their ideal prospects online and convert them into customers while making money.

And after meeting for a day with my chief marketing officer and me, she immediately put strategies in place to capture more leads (one tweak lead to an 80% increase in lead capture) and turn them into customers so she can continue to grow her brand, her business and keep her new partners happy!

And one of the strategies she put in place was the  “3-Day Payday” where you send three emails in 3 days and generate a boatload of sales or appointments.

The email above was the first day of that, and Jenni-Lyn was using the special Mother’s Day Campaign we created for people who got the “3-Day Payday.”

It’s the perfect answer for anyone looking to generate a flood of sales or appointments from their unconverted leads, is free to do, and eliminates sounding “salesy” and boring and instead engages your list while putting cash in your pocket.

So if you’re interested in a simple system that revives “dead” leads, drives sales and takes less than 15 minutes to do, you can click here for the details.

P.S. The 3-Day Payday is NOT available online (or anywhere else for that matter) to purchase. It’s usually only available to our Powerful Professionals members, but through Monday at Midnight you can get the entire system, that you can use over-and-over again by clicking right here. But it does disappear Monday at Midnight so make sure to act now.



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