Organic Reach Is Dead…Cray Cray

Perhaps you have heard this….

“Organic reach is dead!” or “To get anyone to see your posts on Facebook, you have to pay!”

That is just shenanigans.

Yes, if you do spend money on Facebook, more people will reach your posts, but organic reach is not dead. (Tweet this) In fact, you can reach thousands of people everyday for free using Facebook.

Screen shot of organic post reach from my Facebook Page in just one week:


Today we start a series on “How to Convert Likes Into Email Subscribers and Sales.”

Starting with creating organic content your fans will share/goes viral. (As in getting lots of people to share your stuff with their circles of influence for no dinero… love that.)


Focus your posts around them, not you. (Tweet this)

How would they answer this question…

“If I could just…”

For example, clients of the following might say:

  • Recruiter: Find a career that suits me so I can enjoy what I do
  • Personal Trainer: Get my abs back to finally feel comfortable on the beach
  • Financial Advisor: Take my wife on vacation without worrying about finances
  • Realtor: Sell my house for enough money so we can move closer to our grandkids

My amazing tribe thinks…

If I could just grow my subscriber list and get more customers, I could reach and help more people and my business would bring me and my family the financial peace and prosperity we long for. (Yes, they are the bees knees.)

They want to build an audience of a lot of people, help them and then be financially prosperous in the process.

Once you’ve determined your “If I could just,” write quotes around that topic and turn them into beautiful images.

Facebook is a visual medium and these are the types of posts people like to comment, like and share. This will get you more organic reach… meaning FREE advertising.




You can create these images using the app WordSwag for $4 or even better, you can snag 113+ quotes and images from me for only $1. To get yours, click here.

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