Our Most Thankful List

There are so many things we are thankful for…our team and I had a bit of trouble narrowing it down to 10, so we went with 18. Did yours make the list? If not, share in the comments below.

  1. Thankful for great Wi-Fi and the ability to contribute to the team from anywhere in fuzzy socks, yoga pants, workout gear, or whatever floats our boat (fancy up top, comfy down below).
  2. For working with people who “get it” and are lit up by others' success.
  3. For Daylight Savings Time. That extra hour… oh, how we've missed you. (Spring ahead… you are dead to us.)
  4. Getting to work with entrepreneurs who are brave enough to pursue their passion and are just what this world needs right now.
  5. TSA Pre-check. ‘Nuff said.
  6. Co-workers who can laugh with each other and themselves.
  7. Working for a company that isn't afraid to talk about their Faith.
  8. Amazon Prime adding in Same-Day delivery. And the angels sang…
  9. Caffeine. In all of its formats. With special recognition given to coffee, lattes, iced lattes, and iced tea.
  10. Getting to choose warm beachside locations for our events with our members and building in time to enjoy it.
  11. Wine delivery is a thing now.
  12. Being a mom-friendly company that understands that “life happens” and family comes first, and for co-workers who aren't offended when a baby video-bombs a staff meeting.
  13. Nanas/Memaws/Grandmas who consistently save the day.
  14. Facebook and Instagram Live Filters – game changer.
  15. When drinking at work and on camera is a thing (New Member Happy Hours!)
  16. God loving us in spite of our imperfections.
  17. Our families for understanding, loving, and supporting us in our crazy journey to change the world.
  18. Our members, customers, and clients for trusting us enough to show them the way to crush their goals, and for you, the reader, for your pursuit of the incredible… we are thankful for you and all that you do!
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10 Responses
    1. Kim Walsh Phillips

      So important. Hope you had a happy Thanksgiving!

  1. Maisa Olson

    I am not indecisive, just thankful for SO much! #1, 2, 7, 12, 13, 16, and 17 🙂

    1. Kim Walsh Phillips

      There’s no better way to be. Hope you had a great Thanksgiving!

  2. Great list! I am thankful for our pets who, most of the time, are a joy, and for working with dog-lovers who don’t mind when the dog “photobarks” a meeting. 😉

    1. Kim Walsh Phillips

      Photobarks, love that. Hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving!

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