Congratulations on making the decision to launch a course! 

Launching a digital program is one of the most profitable things you can do for your business. (Profit = good thing.) Unlike traditional “fee for service work,” when you create a course, you do the work once and you can sell it over and over again. (Sounds good, right?)

Digital courses are the secret to how I went from working all the time and being completely broke (there are a lot more fun ways to be broke) to growing my agency to a multi-million dollar firm that I was able to sell at a very nice exit. A product launch is how I went from having a struggling agency to having all of our operating expenses covered on auto-pilot month after month. Just from one little $97 course, we generated $3,000 to $5,000 a month in “extra” revenue each month.

Fast forward to today and we generate $15,000 to $50,000 a week with our digital programs, generating over six figures in revenue month after month.

Plus, if you’ve got a heart for others (I know you do), nothing is better than a digital course. It enables you to serve so many more people than you can otherwise.

Back at the height of my agency, 100 clients a year was about the maximum we could serve. On the other hand, through our digital course offerings, we trained 84,321 people in just the last year alone.

From “Forget the Points… How to Get and Stay in Your Skinny Jeans Forever,” and “How to Launch a Membership Site in 21 Days,” and “How to Rocket Launch Your Dissertation in Just 3 Steps,” (all from our students), a digital course creates passive income while increasing your brand awareness and lead flow and serving your niche.

But where to start?

Thankfully the best place to start is from one of service… begin with serving your market. As in, create a course that teaches one thing you know how to do well that others could benefit from.

Choosing a Course Topic

When choosing a course topic, don’t over-complicate it. You are simply looking for one thing that others would find useful.

Start by filling in the following:

What is something you are good at?
What is something that people ask for your advice on?
Have you ever been asked, “How did you…” about something? What was it?
Is there something you know how to do that can save others time and money? What is it?

Looking at the list, and pick one thing to make the focus of your first course. If you have many, congratulations… now you have many courses you can launch down the line. Keep this one, though, focused on one thing for ease of launch and ease of learning from your students.

Now, it’s time to choose your target market.

Choosing Your Target Market 

When it comes to picking a target market, a few simple questions to answer:

Do you have access to the target market? As in, can you reach them in person, on social media, via a magazine, etc?
Do they have enough money to support purchasing your product at the price you want to sell it for?
Are there at least 10,000 of them to target?
Are you one of them?

I’ve used this exact same question model to launch every course… from the first $97 one to all of the courses we have today in our multi-million dollar training and education business.

And so have my coaching students, like…

Magda Castaneda. She was a Dialysis Technician who first started teaching others how to become Dialysis Technicians. She then taught others how to come to the U.S. via a nursing certification and today, she teaches Latina women how to grow an online business.

Todd Tramonte, a Real Estate Broker, works less and makes more by charging a different commission structure and even requiring a retainer for others to work with him. Todd launched “How to Get a New Listing Every Week” for other realtors.

Cathy Frost took what she’d been coaching her weight loss clients on and turned it into a program: “How To Forget Points and Fit Into Your Skinny Jeans Forever.”

What program will you launch? Who will you serve?

Ready to create the content once and sell and serve over and over again?

To join me for a free workshop just click here for, “The 4-Day Month…How To Create A Six (or even seven) Figure Income Working Just 1 Day A Week.” 

And let’s get you launched.

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