Something about me you may not know if we’ve never been in person before…

My face is what you call…”Resting Think Face.” 

Or insert that middle word for something else. 

Unless I am actively smiling, which I have trained myself to do through an entire webinar (more on that at some point), I look like I am unhappy, angry and almost as though I am about to either punch you in the face or like I would rather be doing anything else in that moment. 

There is not much I can do about this, because it's, like, my face…

So I smile as much as humanly possible. 

Except when meeting with an unqualified prospect and/or someone wasting my time who isn’t ready to move forward.

And just wants “to chat.” 

Or “pick my brain.” 

Or see “what they can get” out of the conversation without becoming a client. 

Yeah, no thank you. 

While back in the day I used to try and change the mind of a prospect like this, or win them over by overdelivering in a prospect meeting. About as effective as trying to talk to my kids about anything serious while they are watching a movie and texting their friends at the same time. 

Incredibly ineffective and frustrating.

Instead, now I only get prospects on the phone who are totally ready to go and are getting on the call to find out how it would be best to work together, not if they should. 

How do we do this? 

More on that in tomorrow’s email. 

In the meantime…

I’ll be over here smiling. On purpose. 


Kim “Born with This Face” Walsh Phillips 

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