Getting Your Audience Messaging Right Example: Ricky Gervais’ Monologue – 2020 Golden Globes

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  1. Hi Kim. Gravitas is speaking for the good of the whole. Ricky G spoke like an adolescent not an adult. He said nothing to elevate the profession of acting or directing which is one of the places that we get direction and inspiration. He had an opportunity to bring people together in fun and instead isolated Hollywood from the world.

    I am a former actor. I now use my hard earned talents and training to help people be comfortable and confident speaking to groups. In my opinion, Ricky G appalled both of his audiences – his Hollywood audience in the room and his television audience watching at home.

    Just my opinion.

    Keep up your good work.

    Sandra Zimmer

    1. C’mon Sandra Zimmer have a sense of humor… what have ya got if you can’t laugh at yourself or life. That was hysterical thanks Kim!!! I would have watched had I known he’d be that funny to host – and that was the point really right ? Ha!! love it! Thanks

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