Slutty Brownies, Christian Mickelsen and 1,421% More Prospects with Red Hot Offers

What do Slutty Brownies have to do with Christian Mickelsen, or marketing…everything apparently…if you live inside my mind. Let me explain.

I was watching a video series called “Free Sessions That Sell” which shows you how to get clients using freebies. In it, Christian talks about the importance of names. Click the picture below and forward to 9:36 if you want to see what he used to build a multi-million dollar business.

If you don’t want to watch, I’ll paraphrase…

Names Matter!

Gentleman…would you rather go out with a woman named “Jennifer” or “Gertrude”?

For the ladies…”Brad”, “Bradley” or “Herman”?

Same is true (probably more true) of what you name your products or services.

Everyone wants to “stand out” from the competition yet we fall into the deadly (yes I’ll be overly dramatic here) habit of using industry jargon that instead confuses prospects and relegates us to the “sea of sameness” occupied by the very people we from which we seek to “stand out”.

In real estate I was taught to offer home owners a “comparative market analysis” and to offer them free. Two problems, first is that no prospective seller wakes up and says to themselves “I think I would really like a comparative market analysis today”.

Mostly because no one knows what the heck that is!

Barbara here is so sure people are looking for a Comparative Market Analysis that she’s “smartly” added the zip code to the title of her page so everyone who types in “Comparative Market Analysis 07086” will surely find her site first.

Secondly, if everyone else is offering it, and offering it FREE, why should someone come to me instead of any other real estate agent?

And that brings us to the topic du jour of, “Slutty Brownies.”

“Slutty brownies” are a recipe originally created by Kevin and Amanda, curators  and owners of the equally uninspired website name of


If you were to be interested in Food, Travel and Photography what’s the first thing you’d think to look up? If you didn’t say you’d be missing out…just as they are.

Oddly is a site about Food, Travel and Photography. How do I know (obviously not from the name) their tagline is “Food, Travel and Photography”.

Note: as of right now is available for just $11.99 a year! If Kevin or Amanda contact me about this I’ll gladly purchase the site for you for one-year and lets see how it does in SEO comparatively.

Surely people looking for any of these three topics will trust over something with “food”, “travel” or “photography” in the title…right?

And before you tell me “Mike, they are just doing this for fun and not trying to make money”, I counted five adds on their home page alone.

So…why am I seemingly poking fun at Kevin and Amanda for no reason?

Kevin and Amanda created something amazing now called “Slutty Brownies” that consist of three layers; cookie dough, Oreo Cookies and brownie batter, and you create a bar with them. (pictured right)

Not surprisingly the people who stayed up all night coming up with the name called them…wait for it…the “Ultimate Chocolate Chip Cookie n’ Oreo Fudge Brownie Bar”.

And one of the seemingly greatest inventions in culinary history may have died in the kitchen if it weren’t for a saint named Rosie (who runs who seemingly saw the original post and a month later renamed the recipe “Slutty Brownies”.

Why slutty brownies, as Rosie says  “They’re called Slutty Brownies because they’re oh so easy, and more than a little bit filthy.”

When Jessica Simpson was asked the same question by Jay Leno on The Tonight Show Jessica replied “Maybe because a lot goes into them.” Thanks Jessica.


Bottom line is this.

Names DO Matter.

So much so that the search term for “Slutty Brownies” gets 1,421% more searches than the original name and when you compare the two on Google trends (speaking of name changes did you know Google was originally called BackRub like for reals) the original name quite literally flat lines in comparison to “Slutty Brownies.”

So what do you do with all this revelation?

First of all…don’t name your child Gertrude or Herman!!!

Second of all…look at what you offer and ask yourself, “Does my competition offer the exact same product/service?”

I’m not asking if the deliverable is the same, but is what they call it the same?

Then get creative and change the name. Instead of thinking about features like “cookie dough” use words that describe benefits or outcomes like…errr…slutty.

While it wasn’t a very sexy name, my property management company was called Maintenance Free Property Management. While I sold it several years ago, I still get calls from people about it because somewhere in Internetland the name lives on. All the other property management companies in the area were simply last names like “McGill Management” or “Marling Management” or “Kahlman Management”.

When deciding on a company those three pretty much blend together and don’t even explain what they are managing. While Maintenance Free Property Management at least said what we did and tried to eliminate our clients biggest objection…ongoing maintenance hassles. A better name would have been Hassle Free Property Management maybe?!?

At Powerful Professionals Kim Walsh Phillips calls what others refer to as a lead magnet, a “juicy carrot”, and instead of a thank you page we have a “profit maximizer” page.

So right now, make a vertical list of the top three things you offer, your website name, and your company name.

Then to the right of them right write down the benefits of each, the outcomes of each and the big transformation people get when they buy and use your product or service.

See if there’s a way to incorporate those into your marketing, website, URL’s, and yes, even your company name.

Fan Fact! Did you know Elite Digital Group used to be called “Inside Out Creative”, and then “IO Creative Group”?

While a company-wide name change may be too daunting you can surely find key terms that EVERY one of your competitors use to describe their products/services…so change them!

Become interesting…become “slutty”…become found.

And those are your words of wisdom from Mike “The Jewel” Stodola. You’re welcome.

NOTE: If you want more ideas about what to call your services get “Red Hot FREE Session Offers…Ready To Send Templates That Attract High Paying Clients” then just click here now.

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