Step One to 7-Figures

Imagine this.

A cocktail party filled with your ideal prospects. You move from group to group enjoying conversation after conversation.

Everyone wants to work with you. And they are a joy to talk to.

You are sipping on your favorite cocktail or mocktail and feel energized.

And I don’t know about you, but in my dream room, there would also be a Tito’s bar, a Veuve fountain and a gorgeous sushi display with tiny wasabi peaks.

Sounds good, doesn’t it?

While we may be a bit away from hosting our dream party in person, we can recreate this scenario in our own businesses.

As in, you can make this scenario a reality no matter you’re your current situation is right now.

It is possible to ensure everyone you work with, from prospect to top-tier client, is your ideal client. And after their first transaction with you, they just keep on doing business. The value of the relationship grows more. And more. And more.

How do you do this?

You start from the beginning with exactly who you want to work with. And then your offers take them up your profit pyramid, one step after the other.

Imagine who you want to work with at your top tier and ensure that is who you attract with your free content. Start with the end in mind.

Here’s one of our pyramids, for example:

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My ideal coaching client is someone who wants to generate impact and income and is willing to take action to make it happen. By starting with a free training that requires effort (launching a page promotion ad to get followers), I filter out those not willing to take action from the start.

Step one attracts those who are my ideal clients so that it is “right-fit” client all the way up the pyramid. A percentage of them go to step two, and then a percentage of those go to step three… and so it continues.

To the tune of more than 7-figures a year in revenue from this one profit pyramid.

How do you get to 7-figures of revenue?

By starting with the end in mind.

Begin with a free webinar that attracts your ideal client and then offer them something in step one with the next steps mapped out so they can easily rise up the pyramid.

This is how you generate sales in the most profitable way possible.

How do you take the first step in building your own profit pyramid?

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