Stop Attending (or putting on) Events That Suck

The event rooms are cold. The coffee is bitter. And the chairs are hard.

So is the case of most conferences. But that’s not why we attend, is it? We come to form relationships, discover things that can transform our businesses, and find inspiration/motivation to keep us fired up and moving forward.

As someone who has spoken at many events, and attended others as a student, I have to tell you… some get this very right. And some terribly, terribly, terribly wrong. Recently I was at an event and they got it ALL WRONG.

In planning our Game Changer Marketing Summit, we intentionally created this event as a “punch in the business” of events that suck.

When you are choosing to attend an event/planning events of your own, be aware of these common event mistakes that this other conference made…

  1. Open up the event making it all about themselves: At this terrible event, The CEO and President were the first two speakers and they focused all on themselves and the changes they made. They made no mention on why the audience should care and why they made a great decision to attend. It set a tone of this event being something that isn’t worth being present for and one could easily zone out and be on email or social media throughout the event.

What we are doing differently at the Game Changer Marketing Summit: The only thing you will hear from us are strategies for you to double your leads and triple your sales such as how to…

  • Get more leads coming to you using the latest methods and growth hacks
  • Have more repeat business from your customers, clients, or patients on auto-pilot using a 7-minute a week system that’ll have your people raving!
  • Generate loads of referrals using a simple 5-sentence system designed to predictably and reliably duplicate your very best customers
  1. Give No Time to Build Relationships: The terrible conference scheduled no time to network, converse, or build relationships with attendees. If you went to all of the sessions, you were in the conference classroom from 8 am to 11 pm sitting at long tables non-stop. No chance to meet new people and create new connections for your business.

What we are doing differently at the Game Changer Marketing Summit: We are kicking off the event with a welcome reception for all attendees. Meet with other Game Changers from around the world and get the best strategies that you can deploy in your market, with a few surprises in store. Enjoy an open bar, sweets, and life-changing conversations as you meet your fellow get-it-done #GameChangers.

  1. Spew Data: At this terrible event, the speakers shared lots and lots of facts, figures, and details. No matter where you may be in the cycle of your business, you can be overwhelmed and frustrated trying to figure out what to implement first in what they were saying, if anything at all.

What we are doing differently at the Game Changer Marketing Summit: You aren’t going to leave with a long to-do list. This is a “walk out with it implemented” event leaving with lead and sales generating systems fully launched. You’ll have an amazing 2018 with exercises to relax, focus, and have breakthroughs in your business and your life

  1. Teaching What They Think, Not What They Do: At this terrible event, the organizational speakers gave lots of “advice.” They taught strategies that had nothing to do with what they actual do in practice in their organization.

What we are doing differently at the Game Changer Marketing Summit: As an actual marketing agency with real clients, we will share what is truly working now to generate leads and sales with actual landing pages, ads, emails, and screenshots from accounts. No guesswork. You will receive templates from campaigns that are running right now and crushing it for you to copy and paste into your own business.

Demand from others more of your time, money and passion.

The bottom line: Don’t attend events that suck, and click here to get your ticket now for The Game Changer Marketing Summit (early-bird specials!)

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