Success Stories

Success Stories

60K in 60 Days

Lou and Tami Santini were doing well, having switched their travel agency from one that did everything for everyone to one that specialized in destination weddings.

But still…they knew they could do more.

They wanted to create an online “machine” to generate leads and turn them into sales. They used their coaching to launch their first digital course and in less than sixty days, they’ve brought in more than $60,000 in sales.

Tami said, “There was so much peace and freedom in knowing exactly what we were supposed to do. This enabled us to launch without fear and sell over 5 figures while growing our list in less than two months.”

Living Her Purpose and Changing Lives

Magda Casteñeda was a nurse who was tired of seeing patients come in for Kidney Dialysis treatment, a symptom of Type 2 Diabetes that had gone untreated. She wanted to get in front of the problem and help Latina women escape their dependence on sugar.

Magda set off on her own health journey, losing 34 pounds and documenting her success.

She then invited friends and family to take a free challenge to get off sugar, then invited those in the challenge to join her membership. Right away, she got 9 women into a coaching group, without spending any money on advertising.

And that’s just the beginning! Since then, she’s grown her private Facebook Group by hundreds each week and it just keeps growing and growing. She’s changed her life and gets to see her students’ lives changing every day.

PI Converts with Facebook Live

Inner Circle Member Mike Ski was a Private Investigator working for someone else, until he got the gift many of us entrepreneurs get… he got fired.

He started his own firm working with the brands he loves and developed a way to get to work with virtually any company he wants.

Time and time again, other PIs were asking him how he grew his business.

In order to help more of them at a time, he decided to launch a digital course. Not only has he sold multiple courses (one time he only had 4 people on the webinar and sold 2 of them… this guy can close!) but he just launched his first in-person live event for PIs and sold tickets simply by doing a free Facebook Live!

Jenni-Lyn Was on Shark Tank

Jenni-Lyn Williams secured a deal with not one but TWO sharks!

“Mr. Wonderful”, Kevin O’Leary & Bethany Frankl

I still did not know how to effectively market my business. Working with Kim in #PowerTribe not only increased traffic to my site but also multiplied my sales.

Check out the Credit Email Template inside the portal.

It is not only my favorite template but one I use daily to promote my Snarky Teas.

A Cash Surge

Want a fun way to celebrate your birthday? Increase your sales!

Inner Circle Member Russell Strickland, founder of Dissertation Done, a coaching program to speed up the dissertation process for people working on their doctoral programs, said about the email templates inside the #PowerTribe portal:

“The best part about by birthday was actually running one of Kim Phillips’ credit emails / 3-Day Paydays! I sold four of my courses, generating $3800 in cash and an additional $4k in installments over the next five months!”

Taking MSPs from Vendor to Advisor 

I started working with the team with my Social Media Cash Machine. Once I had my leads, I used the Three Day Payday concept from my #PowerTribe Business Coaching tools to increase my monthly memberships, tripling my MRR.

Soon afterwards, David advanced from #PowerTribe Business Coaching to Kim’s Inner Circle Platinum Group.

Since joining Inner Circle I have perfected my webinar and with the help of Ads expert, Kelly LeMay, I have increased my reach into my target market on Facebook giving me hundreds of new leads every month.


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