Ten Of My Favorite (Can’t Live Without Them) Business Tools

While running a Digital Agency, Elite Digital Group, writing a series of books for Entrepreneur Press, leading our Marketing Insiders Elite Membership and raising two young girls, I am often asked, “How do you do it all?”

My response is generally, “Laughter, prayer and coffee.”

Very true… but that’s not all.

In reality, there are 8,907 things I depend on to make my time more efficient and effective.   This includes my “can’t-live-without-them” resources. So to help you build your business in the chaos of life, I put together a list of some of my favorites. (Tweet this)

Did your favorite make the list? If not, please add them on in the comments.


Design Apps

Design everything for social media (posts, ads, cover photos and more) and/or anything else you need to design with the custom dimensions feature. This is my go-to design app when working on Desktop.


Word Swag 
If one could marry an app, I would be willing to commit polygamy with this one. (Just kidding… kind of.) In a matter of seconds you create gorgeous images that make you look like you can actually design. Which I cannot. But this app can. I use these images for social media and to create logos and PPT slides.


Words That Sell 
From Amazon: More than 6,000 words and phrases that make the difference between “yadda-yadda-yadda” and copy that sells

More than 75 lists of powerful and persuasive words and phrases, including 21 new lists for this edition cross-referencing categories to jump-start creative thinking.

I write a lot of copy everyday and find myself starting to use the same exact phrases and descriptions over and over again. This book helps me keep my copy fresh and more effective. Plus, when suffering from writer’s block, it can spur an idea for an article. Get one and keep it nearby to be your #1 unpaid writing assistant. (Three cheers for free labor!)


Advertising Headlines that Make You Rich: Create Winning Ads, Web Pages, Sales Letters and More

From Amazon: IN MARKETING, what is the main difference between “pathetic” and “profitable?” A compelling advertising headline… the right advertising headline will attract, persuade and retain your most loyal, valuable customers.

This book can help give your headlines a professional copywriter’s makeover, making them more compelling and persuasive for your target market. Again—add it to your “free help team” that Words that Sell joined.


Marketing Campaigns

Decide to put on a webinar this week and need a landing page? In a matter of minutes you can do that with the website’s built-in templates.

Okay, so this is not for the newbie or the faint at heart as this software isn’t a point and click situation. But if you want to automate your campaigns and have 24/7 passive income, then this is for you. Proceed with caution however, because most likely you will need some outside help to set it up and manage it for you.


Marketing Materials

Need 500 postcards by Friday and you are on a budget? Vistaprint rocks for mall runs, low prices and quick turn-around.

The cutest personalized items and gifts, and you can order at super low quantities. The world for unique products to help make your next event extra special.

Fun Express
Wholesale promotional items. (B to B site for Oriental Trading Company) We recently ordered diamond engagement ring key chains to use for an “I Do! To Facebook Riches” promotion at a trade show.



Going along with one of my top three ingredients, I have to feed my spiritual side every day or I can get off kilter and cranky.  One of my top sources is content from my good friend and Pastor Jason Tucker. He’s currently offering a free 30-Day Devotional at www.JasonTucker.faith.  Check it out!


*These are affiliate links. Love the product, but going to profit if you buy so have to legally tell you. ?


Do you have any favorites that didn’t make the list? Add them on in the comments section.

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