We recently came out with the 2nd edition of “The No B.S. Guide to Direct Response Social Media Marketing,” and it was a huge success.

Not only did we hit best-seller but thousands of people joined our list and our sales skyrocketed.

And this didn’t happen by magic. It happened because of all of the things we did to promote and market the book launch.

In a previous post I shared some pre-launch strategies we put in place.

In this post I’ll share what we did for the three weeks before the launch…

Recruited Partners

Planning ahead, we recruited partners to speak on the Livecast Launch Party for the book launch.

27 amazing people were asked and said yes, all bringing their expertise and audiences to the party.

Social Media Posts

A lot happened here in the last few weeks before launch, including…

  1. Daily posts were created using quotes from the book with one square for Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and LinkedIn and one long for Instastory:

  1. Did a socially distanced photo shoot so we had photos to post on social for the event:
  1. Create posts for each of the speakers so they could promote to their audiences:
Went Live, A Lot 

I did daily Facebook Lives to promote the event and published to Instagram Live as well.

Leveraged LinkedIn 

LinkedIn now gives the option to set up an event and invite all of your contacts to it. Then as they RSVP, you can message them a link to register for your webinar/seminar or whatever you invited them to.

Afterwards, you can follow up with marketing about the offer and LinkedIn sends notifications to those who RSVPed with reminders.

Over 100 people RSVPed yes without spending a dime on advertising.


Friends and family were asked to post to their social media feeds about the book the day it came out.

A sampling of the posts:


Facebook Live

The launch party was broadcast on Facebook at the same time we ran it on Zoom.


We ran ads to our audience and the audiences of our speakers with ads personalized for each group.

Blog Content

Created a blog before the launch with event promotions on sidebar and pop-ups.

Email Marketing

Multiple emails were sent before, at start, during and after the launch based on what people had clicked on and whether or not they were registered yet.

This isn’t EVERYTHING, but it’s the most major.

Which is your favorite?

I encourage you to start early when you launch, create a plan and get support. We did all three of these and while I am still pretty tired from it all, we are in pretty good shape because we prepared.

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