The Best Type Of Posts To Drive Leads And Sales

There is a misconception that short and sweet posts with images are the best type of posts to run and all that should be put out by business.This is just plain wrong.Don’t get me wrong—posts with images with a word or two are well-loved, but there are several other types of posts that also do well, and one that does a lot better than images alone. If you ignore them you are missing out on a lot of potential engagement, including the most important—clicks to your site.According to http://sumorank.com/, this is the breakdown of the types of posts that do the best on my page:


Videos get the most interaction, including the most viral shares.

This is why I’ve incorporated Facebook Live Videos into my regular marketing—it’s free and the reach is incredible. One I posted this week, with no payment, reached over 90,000 people. Almost 10x my fan count!


This week I’ll be offering tips and strategies about how to leverage the latest in social marketing to reach more prospects and turn them into customers for life.




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