The Best x2… How to Get More Offline Referrals

Ever look around yourself and think, “Who are these people and how did I get here?”

And I’m not even talking about your last Thanksgiving Family Dinner, but I totally get you on that one.

Back when I was a struggling agency owner, I had this, “Hey now, this has GOT TO change” intuition when looking at our client base. I had a few great clients who were thriving, had appropriate marketing budgets, and treated my team with respect—as in showed up to calls on time, got the things we needed to support us doing our job, etc. But most of our clients were a downright hot mess. They were late to pay, had no money to advertise (kind of hard to get the word out without a budget…) and were rude to my team and I. I shudder to think of all the times I let a client yell at us. Not a proud moment…

When that, “enough is enough” day came, I got proactive instead of my old method of wishing things would change. I mean, I gave that old method a good 10 years to work and it didn’t, so it was time to try something new.

I started sending out three emails each day to my best clients and the most successful business owners I knew in our community, asking for a specific type of introduction. I wasn’t vague making email recipients think too hard. I just asked a specific question and got a specific answer.

And wouldn’t you know it? It worked. (You had a feeling that is how this story ended, didn’t you?)

Good news is, your story is just beginning. Here is a script to use to get you more offline referrals today…

Hi Tom. (Or whoever this fabulous person is)

I hope this email finds you well. I wanted to say thanks again for being such a great client. We enjoyed working with you on ______________ (project) and were glad to see (successful outcome).

I was hoping you might be able to help me. I know how busy you are, so if you are too busy I certainly understand.

But I was wondering if you knew anyone in the (name industry). I am looking to increase my knowledge of this industry’s needs and contacts and am just looking for a quick intro so I can connect.

Does someone in the (x industry) come to mind?

If so, here’s email copy you can cut and paste for the email intro:

I wanted to offer a quick intro to our marketing firm’s CEO, Kim Walsh-Phillips. Kim and her team have worked with us to (write what you have done for the client). Kim asked me for an introduction to someone else in the (x industry) so I am connecting the two of you. She is researching our industry’s needs and building out her network of contacts. 

I encourage the two of you to set up a time to talk.

If not, no problem. Thank you again for your business and I look forward to working with you on (future project).

Best regards,

If you are using a marketing automation system like Infusionsoft, task out asking for this referral so you are sent a reminder every 30 days for each client, or your top 10% of customers. Or do what successful businesses like our Powerhouse Member Jill Frillman does and ask for the introduction while you are still with the client. Build it into your customer service system.

Of course, if you get the introduction, be sure to say thank you! And I don’t just mean with an email. I love to give unique thank you gifts that surprise and delight the recipient. (As a side note, if you are in the buying mode, I love to get thank you gifts, too. Just sayin.)

A few of my favorite sources for gifts are wickedgoodcupcakes.com, lovepop.com, snarkytea.com, Jeni’s Ice cream, and Beau-coup.com

Do you think you can try this method at least once this week? If you do, let me know in the comments section who your most ideal client, customer, or patient is.

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  1. you are awesome. This is probably the best letter of it’s kind I’ve seen in such a recommendation.

  2. Michael

    Thank you Kim for the letter. I can’t wait to try out, what looks like, a very handy tool!
    Question: If a client wants to keep you all to themselves 🙂 how do you get them to refer you to a potential competitor in your field?


    1. Kim Walsh Phillips

      Thanks for reading, Michael! Can you be a little more specific with your question or give me an example?

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