The “Credit Email” Template for Instant Sales

She wrote one email, took her dog for a walk, and returned to thousands in sales.

Did she write a 3,000-word email that took her days?


Did she promise to give all of her delicious product away?


What she sent out is what we call “The Credit Email.”

Instead of offering a special or discount, you give your customers or clients a credit to use on your products, programs, or services.  It works so well, because instead of just another promotion cluttering up the in-box, it is perceived as having value and it drives people to action.

Jenni-Lyn Williams, founder of Snarky Tea, used the template after we suggested it on a VIP private consulting day. She used our template and sent it to everyone who had made a purchase previously giving them a credit to use on another purchase.

She then did one follow-up email reminding them of their credit.

This one campaign produced thousands in sales.

Here’s another one, a private coaching client, Kinetics Cosmetics, used:

This also works for online courses, giving a credit to use on future purchases.  And same for professional services, with a credit to use towards a consulting package, onboarding, or the first month of an ongoing package.

When I had the agency, we used it to convert our onetime project clients into ongoing accounts.

Some things to keep in mind…

  • Make the credit an odd number. Makes it much more real.
  • Give a week or less to use it. Give them too long and they won’t.
  • Only send once every six months to customers. Too often and it loses its effectiveness.

Want the full credit email template? Join our Powerful Professionals coaching program here.

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