The “Easy” Way to Add Six-Figures To Your Income (Part One)

Over the last seven years I’ve had the pleasure to meet, coach and learn from hundreds and hundreds of incredible six, seven and eight figure business owners in virtually every industry imaginable.

Most of whom were the founders and builders of the company they ran.

From the relatively common professions like real estate from which I came, to professions I didn’t know existed, like the mid-six figure curators of websites dedicated to horror films.

SIDE NOTE: The most unusual still may have been a couple that owns a laundromat.

This was NOT your normal run-of-the-mill laundromat though…in fact it was a kind I didn’t know existed!

They owned a house sized washing machine that washed those giant tents you see a fairs, outdoor weddings and other large outdoor functions. I guess up until that moment I had never given a seconds thought to how one would clean those tents and if you had asked me, I’d have probably thought it was by hand.

While a real estate agent, horror blog curator and “laundromat” owner may on the surface seem to have little in common, the fact is that after having worked with these and hundred of other successful entrepreneurs their growth was boiled down to five common steps.

And each time they grew, either by design, or by chance, it was due to one or more of these five steps.

Today we will explore the first step in the process aptly named…

STEP ONE: Exponentially scale the number of leads you get by changing what your business is about.

I’m not talking about getting a few more leads. But 500%, 1,000%, even 2,000% more leads than you’re getting today.

You might be thinking “duh, Mike” more leads, that’s kinda obvious,” I’m here to tell you you’re right!

More leads IS obvious and even me saying by getting five to twenty times more leads you’ll make more money IS kinda a no-brainer.

But it’s not the number of leads that’s the big “ah-ha” but the how.

If you want to add six figures to your business the EASY way, then you don’t need to simply do more of what you’re already doing, you need to do something brand new that generates a large multiple of what you’re used to.

And in order to do that, you need to change what your business is about, at least in the mind of your ideal prospect.

Let’s take something we all know…a restaurant.

If a successful restaurant gets 50% more people to their restaurant, what happens? At first, we might say “they make 50%” more money.

But most don’t. In fact, most only make a fraction of that.

This is because already successful restaurants are probably pretty darn full at the busy times. They already have people waiting for tables and they can’t simply accommodate 50% more patrons. While some will come a little earlier and some will wait a little later, and maybe they get more people in on slow Monday nights, instead of a 50% increase in income, most will be lucky to see a 10% to 15% increase. Still worth doing obviously but that mean seventy to eighty of their efforts are, in effect, wasted.

But let’s take a look at Cooper’s Hawk Winery Restaurants. Marketed as an upscale causal restaurant Coopers Hawk was started just over a decade ago in a suburb outside Chicago. With one of the biggest economic downturns on the horizon, founder Tim McEnery built a $220 million-dollar restaurant empire with over 30 locations today.

While we could spend hours going through everything he’s done, McEnery started by getting exponentially more leads than any of his competitors.

Instead of being simply another restaurant, or even just another good restaurant, he made his business about something else entirely.


While everyone has dozens or more likely hundreds of restaurant options at any given time, McEnery decided to devote a large amount of square footage of each location to a wine tasting room and wine shop.

Most patrons spend sixty to ninety minutes wine-tasting before then having a meal.

Going to Cooper’s Hawk is NOT going to dinner, but going for a night out. Some patrons even return to the tasting room after dinner for dessert wines and actual dessert. Truffles are only $1 with a tasting…and I highly recommend them!

McEnery knew the first step to adding large amounts of income to your business quickly was by attracting many, many more leads to your business by changing what your business is about.

Another example of this we all know is Starbucks, The “third” place.

They changed what getting coffee was about and what a coffee shop was.

Now I’m not saying you need to change your whole concept or what you offer, just that you need to figure out how to be something different to your ideal prospects.

At Powerful Professionals we went from getting thousands of leads a year to thousands of leads a week (1,128 in the last 7 days) by becoming the go-to place to “Discover How to get 10,000 Facebook Fans In Less Than 72 Hours” live, and FREE.

Kim does weekly live webcasts, wrote a best-selling book, has publishes blogs, recorded podcasts, contributed articles to and spoken to thousands from stage, all about getting 10,000 more Facebook fans.

Getting Facebook Fans is NOT what Powerful Professionals is about. But it’s what we are about FIRST to thousands of new prospects every week.

So STEP one and something worth figuring out is to: Exponentially scale the number of leads you get by changing what your business is about.

We’ll go through the other four steps in the coming weeks but to actually implement all five steps in your business in just 48 hours check out the Two-Day Six Figure Summit by clicking here.

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  1. interesting article. What do you already have that you can offer differently? Think outside the box. Love the examples. Thanks!

  2. Great insight and a catalyst to get creative – looking at how I can bring something different to the table in Real Estate. I already bring “more” – more (and better) advertising, more analytics, and more networking for hot homes that are coming soon. But I am now thinking, what do I do that is “different”.

  3. I went from about 12 fans to over 7,500 in two days. Wow! It was easy! The only suggestion I would make would be to set an outer limit for each 24 hour period. I lost track of time and my first campaign went over a little, and I would have preferred to use the extra money it cost on my last day. Otherwise, it worked great.

    1. Kim Walsh Phillips

      Glad to know it was successful and GREAT suggestion!

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