The Five Layers of a Launch (Salsa Included)

Four days…

That is all that is left between this moment and the launch day of my newest book, “The No B.S. Guide to Direct Response Social Media Marketing,” and our #KWPLaunchParty.

And not going to lie…we are scrambling to get it all done, case in point:

(When planning goes turbo the last few days of launch of course you screen shot yourself with your launch team and all of your To Do Lists.)

But the good news is, our scramble is just so we get the most out of the opportunity in front of us. It isn’t because we are just starting now.

In fact, we started a while ago following our layered launch system we have used for every book and product launch of all time. And it starts well before launch week.

I like to think of our launch process as a delicious stack of nachos, each flavor layering upon the next and not getting jipped on the bottom with just chips.  Which would normally be good all by themselves but not after the other layers told our mouth what was possible. And that is a combination of flavors producing our little Cinco De May Celebration.

Next week I’ll go into launch week activities but this week, let’s talk pre-launch mode. The part that is often forgot, but so important.  Like the guac of our platter.

Pre-Launch Planning

I am often asked this question…

“I don’t have my product/book/program/course/coaching program/agency (pick yours) ready to launch yet. When should I start growing my list?”

The answer is 5 years ago.

But since we don’t have a time machine, the next best answer is now. Start immediately.

Lists should be formed BEFORE we launch anything.  And we should be talking to our subscribers.

I am emailing my list daily and not just when in launch mode. Every single day.

My list and I have a relationship before I am trying to get them to opt-in for a webcast, buy a program or have a chat.

Don’t only chat at launch time and you’ll have much better results.

(Need to start growing your email list right away? Check out this free masterclass.)

Sneak Peek It Up

As far out as possible, I let my audience in on what’s happening. Just like I would with my closest friends. It helps to create excitement prior to launching and to get their buy-in because they were on the “in-team” prior to launching.

Start sharing the “behind-the-scenes” strategies to your audience well before launching.

Your #LaunchSquad

Months ago I reached out to VIP members and asked if they wanted to help with the launch. Just one email sent…

And then about a month out, we formed a private Facebook Group for this crew.

This group has helped to promote the book and got us an early “Best Seller” win for pre-ordering. In exchange, I’ve invited them to contribute to the Power Pack Book Bonus and to be a part of the book livestream.

Podcast Palooza

Months ago I started working to get on podcasts so I could talk about and promote the book.

I started by contacting Fancy Hands and asking them to find a list of 100 podcasts that are about marketing or entrepreneurs.

I then wrote a podcast pitch and my EA Kate started contacting them.

I was recording shows for weeks prior to the book’s launch and have more lined up for post launch promotion.


Book Club

We formed a book club for book discussions and started with someone else’s book but putting together a group of people who like to read business books.

All five of these strategies took place well before the official launch began and will add up to the success what happens, God willing.

Next week I’ll share what we did at the one-month mark until launch day for even more strategies.

Until then, start engaging your list now for whatever launch you want to put together in the future.

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  1. As Always Kim–your timing and message come at the exact time I need to see it— You are my daily affirmation and reminder—Cannot thank you enough for all that you and your TEAM do and the amount of info you so generously share!!

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