The Freedom Campaign… In Three Steps

I remember staring so hard and wishing I could will her to move.  More than once.

I would stare out of our office and see our Postwoman taking her break with our mail in her bag.  If I could just get her to take her break AFTER she delivered our mail, I might just be able to keep the house of cards together for a little while longer.

Eventually I got brave enough to ask and she did… she would hold everyone else’s mail but make sure ours got in the box before she took her break.  (Pretty sure she could see the desperation through my smile.)

That Didn’t Last Long

The temporary relief she bestowed on me was replaced with the “will she make it to our building before 3 pm” stress and even more so, what in the name of Shakira are we going to do when that check I thought was going to be there wasn’t, and everything started to fall apart.

I mean.  Seriously.

This sucked. Bad.

The success of my future, the ability to pay my staff, my future children’s future, was reliant on the flipping mail system and the timeliness of my clients.  Not on how great my work was. Not even on the results I got for my clients.  But on two things I had no control over.


Something had to change.  And fast.

I needed a way to generate clients that wouldn’t require me to “hope” or “wish.” A blueprint I could follow that would produce results. And I needed it to produce cash, fast.

So, I started by finding a way to get my name out there that wasn’t going to require me to network (I hate evening mall talk events that never gave anything to show for it) or filling out an RFP (they are the Devil’s work). Instead, I needed a way that would position me as the authority, attract high quality paying clients, and generate cash.

So I started with what I knew…

I knew how to generate leads on Facebook. I had been doing that for my clients already and it was working marvelously.

So, I created a course that taught others how to do the same. And, I launched a webinar that would teach a free class on some of the strategies in the course and then invited folks, if they wanted the whole thing, to buy the program.

My first course was little. It was a bit rough around the edges.  But it was a start.

I charged $97 for it.

And in the first month of getting leads (which also brought in some incredible clients), we generated more than $3,000 in course sales.

This was enough to pay for our rent and pay for my assistant and give me a sigh of relief.  Now I wasn’t reliant any longer on when the mail came and what was in it. My expenses were covered!

With more leads coming in and better cash flow, I was able to be choosier as to who we would take on as a client… and for anyone who was a jerk-face to my staff or me, I happily could tell them that God has a plan for everyone and that theirs was not as one of my clients.

We continued to grow our profitable lead generation system and over time my firm turned from a struggling agency to a multi-million dollar one that I was able to sell at a big exit.  And now, using this same model, we have grown Powerful Professionals to over 7 figures in less than 6 months.

It’s simple really…

Attract your perfect prospects, give them something of value, and then if they are still there after, offer some way for you to work together.


And the good news is, you can do it too.  How do I know? We’ve worked with over 1,000 entrepreneurs to launch their own system.

I’m giving a live demonstration of the model and would love for you to join me. Check it out at powerfulprofessionals.com/getpaid.

I can’t wait to celebrate you as you kick off your own “Freedom Campaign.”

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