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Yesterday Mike and I did a day of private consulting for one of the top real estate agents in the country who also runs a coaching program for agents.  We spent the day creating, from scratch, a marketing campaign that would generate leads at a profit using our social media cash machine model.

We strategized and brainstormed, massaged and tweaked, designed and implemented… and by the end of the day he had a fully working funnel that generates leads at a profit for his next webinar.  While that in itself was incredible, it was at dinner that we truly uncovered the game changer for his (and your) business.

We were in a conversation about “what’s next” and I asked what he planned on selling on his webinar where the leads would flow into.  He began describing the product (its modules) and then the impact (they will make more money and spend less time doing it), but left off a key piece that too many businesses forget.

He hadn’t identified the “one big idea” his target market needed to believe in order to buy into his program.

Moreover—he didn’t (yet) have a “new opportunity” for people to jump into.

The thing is, people don’t want “more” of something, or a “better” something. They want a NEW something. Something totally different that is not connected or tied to any of their past experiences or failures. Something that gives new hope that their problem can be solved because it is a whole other way of doing something.

Examples from consumer products:  Tide Pods, K-Cup Coffee, The Keto Diet.

…Things that have been around for decades, yet packaged differently, can be presented as a totally new opportunity.

We use this same model in our main marketing funnel. It goes from “How to Get 10,000 Fans in 72 Hours” (new) to profitable lead generation with our Social Media Cash Machine.  New is why I don’t sell it as “Facebook Ads and Landing Pages Program.”  Meh. You’ve seen Facebook ads and landing pages before.  But profitable lead generation? Now that’s new. Hence the “new” opportunity presented as part of that program.

With some good conversation, strategizing, and a little bourbon thrown in for the guys plus coconut rum for me (yes, I like my cocktails like I like my fuzzy socks – just like when I was in college), we came up with his new opportunity.

I’m not going to give away his secret but it is a promise of how many new listings his program will produce.

Question for you – what is the new opportunity you present to your prospects? Are you trying to “improve” something or are you giving them hope that there is a different way to do something?

Switching the offer to “new” makes your product, program, or service go from something interesting to something “I’ve-got-to-have-now.”

Which do you want to offer your customers?

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