The New Six-Figure Course Launch x 3

“One Size Fits All.”

My 4’11” self knows this statement is not true when it comes to clothing.

It also isn’t true when it comes to launching a course.

From having coached hundreds of entrepreneurs through their first course launch, I have identified three types of launches that multiply time and passive income for their creators.

The Three Types of Launches

Summit Launch

You may not like this one. This is only for you if you want instant social proof, list building and a quick way to generate sales.

(See what I did there?)

Summit Launches are fantastic ways to grow your list before your main course launch and/or to create a boost in your list creation. A lot of my students just getting into list building have used these but it isn’t just for them. I use a Summit Launch about once a year and did so most recently with the publishing of my last book, “The No B.S. Guide to Direct Response Social Media Marketing.”

The way that it works is, you pick one big idea or topic and invite speakers on to your Summit to be interviewed about their area of expertise. Those individuals share the Summit with their lists and you offer recordings of the Summit as an option to purchase.

When Inner Circle member Suzi Seddon did this to kick off her coaching business, she ran one about Facebook Groups. She grew her list by 634 new people and generated 135 sales of her recordings. Power Up member Tanya Auger did the same recently to kick off her health coaching business and she was able to generate net profit while growing her list.

List Launch

This type of launch is for you if you have a list already of 250 people or more. You start by inviting just these folks onto your webinar to enroll in your course. This audience is most likely to convert into a sale and provides a no-cost way to launch. Once you sell to this audience, you will create the course live with them each week with your modules and then have a course you can sell over and over again.

Power Up member Judy Hoberman recently launched her S.K.I.R.T. Selling System to her internal list and generated over 5 figures in sales with just getting started. She’s recording the course now with these early buyers and will be able to sell the course ongoing moving forward.

Lead Launch

These are the launches that make the headlines… the big numbers with sales and list growth. With an external launch, you are looking to other sources besides just your own list to sell your course. The most obvious of course is Facebook Ads, but other sources such as being a podcast guest, LinkedIn Events, and partner promotions also work to drive in big numbers.

Inner Circle Members Lou and Tami Santini were looking to multiply their reach and sales from their Travel Agency business and so when they launched a course meant to show other event planners and travel agents how to sell destination wedding travel, they were looking to generate big sales.

They knew that other wedding planning coaches would be a good fit because they were offering a new way for these planners to do business. Tami reached out to her contacts and landed several speaking engagement and guest blogging opportunities as a result. This helped to grow their list with their “right-fit” clients.

They then supplemented their list growth-building activities with Facebook Ads. And they’ve been very successful.

Even in this year that has been difficult for their industry, they’ve generated $109,000 so far just from course sales.

There is no “one size fits all” launch… but there is one that is right for you. Which do you see yourself launching next?

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