The One Strategy We Used to Generate 2.73 Million in Revenue With Cold Traffic

I still remember the exact moment…

We had just turned the corner in the boat and would soon exit right to be off to our next ride. I took a second to glance at my phone during the deboarding standstill and there it was…

I had brought in enough sales while hosting my friends and family for a VIP day at Disney to more than pay for the trip.

And not only were my customers buying…they were sending me notes thanking me for launching the course.

That was five ½ years ago and how I spent my 40th birthday.

The ultimate in finally figuring out how to impact more people while multiplying my income and taking more time off.

You see before that, I had only brought in business from referrals and word-of-mouth. When it was good, it was so good.

But when it was quiet, I felt helpless.

Depending on others to grow my business, hoping that they would think of me and send others my why, was downright scary. Especially when it didn’t work.

It was out of a moment of desperation, to stop doing the definition of insanity, aka, the same thing over and over again, that I tried something different.

I knew that if I could reach more, I could pick and choose the clients we served, make more profit and have more time to spend with my two young kids.

So, I started researching what other successful brands were doing online and noticed that they didn’t go straight to the sale. They started not with a sale, but instead with a gift. Giving something away for free  before they asked for a sale.

I tried this, but added a little twist to it…I tried subtly adding an option to buy something on the thank you page. Not too pitchy…just a content upgrade.

My free gift up front was a free download of 12 social media posts and the upsell on the thankyou page was a $97 course showing you how to use your posts to get more clients.

And it worked…

Our ads started paying for themselves!

This was revolutionary because for the first time in my company’s history I could afford paid lead generation and to target my exact right-fit clients.

Over time we’ve perfected the model and it looks like this…

Step One: Attract your right-fit clients with a big idea

Step Two: Give a “Cider Offer,” a sampling of what you can offer for free so that your prospect wants more.

Step Three: Offer a chance to upgrade the experience by making a purchase with you.

Not only did this offset our ad spend, but we secured a “buyer’s list” instead of a lead list. With their “good emails,” phone numbers and mailing addresses…

So much more valuable than their Hotmail address from 1997 that they use just for spam.

This one strategy has brought in 2.73 million into our business from just one of these campaigns.

And the thing that is so incredible is that this same model has worked not just for us, but for our coaching clients as well. We call it their Social Selling Machine.

A med spa using the Social Selling Machine to bring in more high-value clients, an attorney uses it to bring in more family law accounts, a tea company to sell more subscription boxes online, a coach to generate more course and one on one coaching sales…

You start with a message to attract your right-fit customers, give them a sample of what you can offer them and then sell them something.

Want to find out how to put the same model in place in your business?

Join us for this upcoming free masterclass. It is the only time I am teaching this live this year, so you do not want to miss this.

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