The Secret Behind a Shark Tank Best-Seller

It started when she was drinking too much coffee.

When Jenni-Lyn Williams had just had a baby, was working full-time, and putting herself through Business School, she drank a lot of coffee to cope. A LOT of coffee.

Too much in fact, according to her mother who not only worked in the doctor’s office where Jenni-Lyn was a patient, but who also enjoyed tattling about her daughter to the doctor himself. So when Jenni-Lyn came in for her appointment, it began with, “So, I hear you’re drinking too much coffee…”

The doctor went on to encourage Jenni-Lyn to try tea for its health and medicinal benefits and the lesser caffeine level. Since this seemed like a much better option than quitting caffeine entirely, Jenni-Lyn set off to the store to buy some tea.

But when she got to the tea section, she felt overwhelmed and confused. She saw names like “Dancing Water Lily” and “Gentle Sunshine” and thought perhaps tea just wasn’t made for women like her.

It would be so much more helpful if there was a tea with the name “Wake the *&^% Up.”

So, she got an idea, and returned to business school with a project in mind to create a tea that was delicious, bold, fun, and not polite—just like the fabulous women who would become its customers.

Those in business school hated the idea. They thought there were already enough teas out there.

Jenni-Lyn however, knew what she wanted to offer was different. In essence, it would be a whole new category. (The thing is, often our big ideas aren’t created for those who currently surround us. So it isn’t weird when those folks don’t get it. It almost makes more sense that way.)

“I wanted to build a brand that reminds women how awesome they are, despite the fact that the whole world is trying to tell us otherwise. You don’t need to lose weight. You don’t need to be graceful and polite. You don’t need to be perfect. You just need to be you and to take care of yourself in the best way you know how. That’s what Snarky Tea is all about.”

So, she moved forward with the idea and started selling her tea. And it worked so well that she thought she just might have a shot at getting on Shark Tank.

She applied. And just like all the other challenges that had come her way, she wasn’t going to let a “No” stop her.

Ultimately, she did get a call to appear on the show. The only problem… she was due to give birth in just a few weeks. In fact, when the show filmed, she was only 3 days away from the last date she would be allowed to fly due to her pregnancy. Again, some folks told her not to do it. She didn’t listen.

Jenni-Lyn went on the show and blew the Sharks away. Not only did she secure a deal from the Sharks, but she got two deals. One investor was Kevin O’Leary (aka Mr. Wonderful) and the other was Bethenny Frankel of Skinnygirl brands and Real Housewives of NYC Fame. It was Bethenny’s first investment on the show.

Since appearing on Shark Tank, Snarky Tea’s brand has exploded. And not just in sales, but in rallying her tribe around her.

Jenni-Lyn is a member of my top tier of membership, Powerhouse, and at our last in-person retreat I encouraged her to offer a subscription model to her tea. Her customers were obviously responding positively to not only the tea, but to what it stands for… and they wanted more Jenni-Lyn.

Just from checking out her reviews, it was obvious…

(Check out the reviews yourself at

The thing is, I knew Jenni-Lyn had magic here. She had shown up as her authentic self and applied that authenticity to her product, messaging, and brand promise. And her customers went crazy for it.

After almost intervention-like encouragement during our retreat, Jenni-Lyn went for it again after returning home. She officially launched Snarky Tea Box Subscriptions.

She posted in our private Powerhouse Facebook Group:

“Thanks peeeeps! 25 subscribers in under 24 hours. I guess this WAS a good idea. ;-)”

Within 24 hours she sold out of her July subscription boxes.

Incredibly most of her sales for all of Snarky Tea come from the most profitable way to sell… organic traffic and word of mouth.


Jenni-Lyn shows up authentically with a message that resonates with her audience. On social media alone, she has 100,000 followers, all achieved organically. And they purchase directly from her pages.

“I was nervous at first, but I’ve given a full access pass to the hot mess rollercoaster that is my life. Because unlike what others post online… most of my life isn’t polished and pretty. I share more of the real me in hopes of seeing more of the real women we serve.”

Encouraged by the success of the subscription boxes, she’s now launching “Tea Parties,” where her women can host at-home tea parties to sell the tea directly. This came after multiple requests from her tribe to sell the tea themselves.

“We are for the those special people who want to do lots of things, trapped in the body of someone who wants to sleep a lot. You know, the type of people we call ‘Women’.”

Jenni-Lyn now uses her product and platform to do more than just sell her products. She’s creating a movement to empower.

A powerful reminder that when you approach your target market with authenticity and your message resonates, you will stand out in sea of sameness from your competitors and create a tribe of raving fans who become lifelong customers.

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