The Secret to Fresh Leads Month After Month

I’m going to admit something up front.

I’ve always been a nerd.  Learning “new stuff” lights me up and fuels me and gets me (perhaps sometimes a little too) excited.

My guess is you are that same way, since you are currently reading this blog. (And hence why you are an amazing human and should take this moment to give a selfie-five… a high five to yourself. Because you deserve it.). You continually seek new ideas/hacks to grow your business.

Here’s the problem… too many sources of information can be confusing and worse, can result in Shiny Object Overdose (all those with S.O.O. say, “Aye!”).  Too much information from too many sources means not having one clear path to implement your leads and sales strategies.

Without an ever-growing list, you don’t have a business.

Between opt-outs, undeliverable emails, and the dreaded “Promotions folder” (I have stronger words for this but will restrain myself since you know who is probably reading this—love you Google!)… relying on what you’ve already got to get you there isn’t going to cut it.

Growing businesses get more leads month after month.

So how do you do that?

Narrow your focus.

I used to listen to 30+ different podcasts, subscribe to a dozen different membership programs, get audio books each week, and subscribe to many magazines…

They would stack up and stack up and cause me anxiety and almost a sense of failure each month because I couldn’t possibly devour all of them. And even if I could, there is no way I could implement all of the strategies they contained.

When I cleaned house, I picked 3 podcasts, 2 magazines, and 2 memberships.  I made my choices based on the following criteria:

  1. The “G.U.R.U.” or Tribe leader had to align with my values and “be where I want to go.” After all, there is a lot of advice out there but you should only take advice from someone you are willing to trade places with.
  2. The information couldn’t be only theoretical. There needed to be actual implementable strategies I could use to get more leads and sales and grow my business. I do want to know the “why” but I also need the “how” in order to make it happen. (This lady doesn’t have time just to be entertained… I want to get things d-o-n-e.)
  3. I am not the first to sign up. I like the concept of being a trail blazer, but let’s be real… do you want to spend your time being the guinea pig or do you want to go in knowing that others have vetted the information before you?  I’ll take what’s behind door number two, please.
  4. They are going to charge me. Weird one I know, but hear me out. I, like other humans, need to pay to pay attention. If it’s free, it’s fleeting. Plus, let’s be real… the best information out there isn’t just “Googled.” It is part of a paid program.
When I narrowed my focus, everything changed.

I looked forward to each new episode, newsletter, and blog post. I could implement strategies I consumed and my business continued to grow.

And it’s with this same proven-to-work criteria that we created Powerful Professionals.

The number one mission of Powerful Professionals is you, the incredible entrepreneur and small business owner.  You getting more leads and sales month after month with a “one-stop-shop” for growing your business.

That is our sole focus.

Not some new cockamamie (fun to say, not fun to spell) strategy we just came up with and never tested that is “hacking the system” but will get you kicked off Facebook next month.

Powerful Professionals provides already-tested-and-man-this-is-kicking-butt strategies to get more leads and sales month after month.

A few nuggets from our last couple of Powerful Professionals Magazine issues you can use right now…

  1. Want a quick way to generate 100+ headlines for your next ad, or subject lines for your next email without hiring an expensive copywriter? Check out
  2. From the article “How to Work with the Celebrity of Your Choice,” one strategy—bid on celebrity auction items at Charity events. Whether it’s lunch with a political leader or a meet-and-greet with a rock star, these star moments can bring your lead attraction to a whole new level when used properly in your marketing.
  3. The “Long-Copy” formula that is crushing it on Facebook right now… using emojis none-the-less. Try 😄💥💪 in your next post.

Want a one-stop-shop for more leads and sales month-after-month? Join Powerful Professionals now and receive a special bonus—a 3-Day Payday to generate immediate sales without spending a dime on advertising.

To get your own “one-stop-shop” now, click here.

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