The Secret to Getting People to Buy

  1. 3 minutes.
  2. 240 hours.
  3. 1,541.

What are these numbers?

  1. How quickly Kylie Jenner’s lipstick line sold out.
  2. The amount of time a garbage man waited in line to purchase the first iPhone.
  3. The number of people in line at Mall of America for the “Build a Bear” birthday month promotion before they had to shut it down for safety concerns because so many people wanted in.

How did they all get so many buyers? People willing to wait in long lines, jump to buy without trying first, and do what they needed in order to “get in?”

They all built their audience with a loyal following before they tried to sell something.

Before, not after.

And the reason why they are such rare stories is because hardly anyone does it this way.

How Most Do It

Most entrepreneurs, brands, and businesses have what they think is a great idea, or distinguished service, or incredible program. They turn the lights on in the store (either literally or figuratively) and wait for s

omeone to buy.

And they wait. (Cue clock ticking sound.)

Some of the rare ones may even launch some ads, run a Facebook campaign, post on Instagram…

But nothing happens.

And it’s all Facebook’s fault.

Wait, er.

No, it isn’t.

Facebook didn’t have anything to do with them not getting on the next “Ten Most Successful Entrepreneurs” list.

But their order of doing things did. They were trying to sell to an audience who didn’t know who they were. Who didn’t get what this “thing” would do for them. And who didn’t have time to care otherwise.

So how do you fix this?

You build your audience first. Before trying to sell. Before making an offer. Before asking for anything… you give.

Creating a following, developing a relationship, staying in touch, before you make an offer or try to sell something, puts you in a can’t-lose position. Your audience knows, likes/loves, and trusts you. They are ready to buy. In fact, they ask to buy something.

When to Start

So when do you start? Weeks before your launch? Days?

Like the old proverb says, “The best time to plant a tree is 20 years ago; the second best time is today.”

The BEST time to grow your audience is right now. No matter what else you have going on, have planned, or hope to do, grow your audience. It is the MOST important asset of your business. More important than your product, program, or service. Seriously.

You can always update your program. You can even change your product. But you can’t go back in time and grow an audience.

It is one of the things I am most thankful for in our company that we have in place. Having an audience has allowed me to get book deals with cash advances and launch to best-selling status, it allows us to win affiliate contests that bring in extra cash, it gives us the ability to launch new products, programs, and services to sales right away without having to waste thousands in advertising.

What Now

Recently, we launched our new RISE Magazine and in one-day, sold thousands of dollars in subscriptions.

That never would have happened if we tried promoting our magazine on Facebook to people who didn’t know us. Never. Would. Have. Happened.

We have also come in the top ten for multiple affiliate launches competing against the “big dawgs” like Eben Pagan, Brian Tracy, Jeff Walker, and the like. Because I’ve grown my list and keep in touch with them and continually give them value, when I recommend something (which I only do when it rocks, of course), they listen, take action, and sign up.

And my favorite thing… we’ve been able to launch two successful masterminds in the past year with the most amazing entrepreneurs I’ve ever met. Working with them is literally my favorite thing I do for my work. And this is only possible because of building an audience first. Nurturing them. Giving them value. Taking good care of them because they trust me and that is what is called for me to do.

The future of business lies in the list. The relationship with your audience and the value you give them. Not in the transaction of the sale.

The more value you give, the more value you get from your business.

And the best time to start? Right now.
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  1. So very true and you are amazing at developing that relationship! We get to really know, like and certainly trust you!!!

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