The Social Media Cash Machine Landing and Sales Page Template

“It takes money to make money.”

We’ve all heard this before and thankfully it just isn’t true.

Instead of the “spray and pray” method of marketing where you simply hope for an ROI, supercharge your marketing. Turn it from an expense to a profit center.

I mean, I’d rather get paid than pay out, wouldn’t you?

The last few weeks I have been teaching a personalized version of our 12-Minute Social Media Cash Machine for one of our partners, Technology Marketing Toolkit, a.k.a. The Robin Robins fan club (I consider myself an honorary member).

This week we went over the Profit Maximizer page. This is what most businesses use to thank someone for downloading their Juicy Carrot/Lead Magnet. But in the Social Media Cash Machine, here is where you turn your marketing from an expense to a profit center. Because here’s where you get the prospect to either buy something or book a sales consultation.

(Can’t you just hear the cha-chings all up in here?)

As a special gift to you, here is the landing page and the sales template to book a sales appointment right from your Thank You page. Use this paint-by-numbers page to start turning your marketing from a money suck to a cash machine.

Profit Maximizer Landing Page Template

Pre-headline Template

Attention (your target audience) who wants to (outcome they are seeking) …


  • Attention Business Owners Who Want to Save Money and Time

Headline Template

Curiosity or Great Outcome they can receive for taking action


  • Just Released…6 Top CEOs Reveal Their Best Strategies for 2018

Subhead Line

More about what they will get


  • Report Reveals the Simple Strategies Top CEOs Use for Higher Profits, Faster Growth and Eliminating Waste

Button Copy

Not about the action, but about them


  • Yes! I want The Top Strategies CEOs Use for Higher Profits!

Full Sales Page Example…after they opt-in:


Congratulations! Your free book is on its way, but you’re not done yet.

Do you want the fast path to generating an endless supply of new customers for your business?

INSERT VIDEO with a testimonial right under it

Dear Atlanta Business Owner,

If you want to generate an endless supply of new customers for your business, beat your customers and have more sales this year than ever before, this might be the most important message you read all year. Here’s why…

For a limited time, I’m offering a one-on-one “Profit Finder” for Atlanta small business owners who are ready to stop wishing for more profit and more sales and instead control the amount of new business and sales brought in this year.

During this “Profit Finder,” you will uncover how to…

  • Generate more leads in your local market with these simple strategies
  • Beat out your competition
  • Become the #1 ranked business in your area on social media and on Google
  • Close more sales in your business on a daily basis from leads who actually want your services
  • Explode your company’s profits

That’s just a small sample of what we’ll go over while talking.

Because of the high-quality personalized strategies you will receive, I normally charge $500 for this service, but right now and on this page only, I’m offering it to you at no cost and no obligation as long as you take action now.

Won’t it be great to generate an endless supply of new customers for your local business, beat your competitors, and have more sales than ever before without any of the work?

To schedule your Profit Finder session, give us a call at _______ or click here to automatically schedule.

INSERT Button – “Schedule My Profit Finder Session Now!

INSERT Testimonial here –

Jon Smith


Ready to turn your marketing from an expense to a profit center? Use this template to drive cash instead of clicks.

And when you are ready to attract 10,000 fans to this page, check out our free workshop where you can get 10,000 Facebook Fans in 72 Hours and turn them into your next cash-paying customers. Reserve your spot now at





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  1. Daniel Bosch jr

    I don’t know if this really works I,’ve tyres so many things and only lose money

    1. Kim Walsh Phillips

      This is what we use to run our business and we have thousands of satisfied members. We’d love to have you give it a try. Please reach out if you have more questions!

  2. John Mc Ewan

    Well this work for a firm that provides payroll, tax, time systems and benefits to small business

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