The two changes we made that QUADRUPLED our sales

Yeah, I cringe. I try not to. But I do.

One of the most common questions I get is, “What is the ONE thing I can do to increase my leads and sales?”

I don’t blame the question… the idea of there being a quick fix is enticing and of course we all want it. Not going to lie, if there actually was a pill I could take to get super model abs, I totally would. I would probably take two, in fact.

Unfortunately, there is no magic pill.

And there is not “one thing.” There are many things all working together at the same time.

Except when you do make a couple of changes that make a dramatic impact…

This was the case recently when we changed two small things in our top-performing webinar campaign that made a dramatic impact on our sales results. In fact, these two small things quadrupled our sales. QUADRUPLED.

The thing was, our weekly training, “How to Get 10,000+ Facebook Fans in 72 Hours” was doing very well before. We brought in $10,000 to $25,000 per week in sales. But we had two areas we knew had room for improvement. One was the show-up rate of those registered to the live webinar and two was the closing percentage.

Each was only around 10%. And while profitable, we knew we could do better.

The way the campaign worked before was a bit complicated. First, someone registered. Then they attended three days of live training where I shared live and on-air how to get 10,000+ Facebook Fans and turn them into their next cash-paying customers. On day three, we gave them an opportunity to move forward with another training that shared how to promote their business with marketing that generates profit, instead of the traditional “go in the hole debt method” that most businesses use.

Not surprisingly, we lost a bunch of people from the day one training to the day three workshop because, well, life. Stuff gets in the way, easily.

So, the first thing we changed was to solve the timing issue. We took what the attendees previously discovered on day one of the workshop, and put it into a training video that is delivered immediately after opting in.

The second thing we did was put day two and three into one live webinar. Building trust ahead of time with the training video—that produces results and condensing the training to one day—increased our show up rate to 20%, doubling our audience size.

Then, came change number two.

This one change we made in the presentation may be the most sophisticated strategy you’ve ever heard. In fact, you may need days, weeks, or months to be able to afford the complexity.


We answered everyone’s questions.


At the end of the training, Mike Stodola, my CMO, asks me live, on air, every single question that is in the queue, and I answer them. Every single person is made to feel like their question matters and is given the attention they deserve. They gave me their time and I give them their answer.

The Q&A section is no joke.

Q&A usually adds an entire hour to the workshop.

And it is the most profitable hour of our week. Most of the sales come in during Q&A. Like $30,000+. I am now closing at 20% and higher, more than doubling our closing rate.

So simple. Yet so incredibly effective.

This one webinar produces over $200,000 in sales each month and I do it only one day per week.

The Four-Day Six-Figure Funnel.

At our upcoming event, Two-Day Six-Figure Summit, you can get an inside view to our entire webinar process. I’m literally going to do the entire webinar live and Dave Dee, my event co-presenter, and speak-to-sell-coach will give commentary as to what I am doing and why it produces sales.

This one-time-only “insider’s view” will not be recorded. So you must attend live.

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I look forward to seeing you there.

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