The Unfair Advantage Of Thousands of Followers

When it comes to building a real business…does it matter the size of your audience?

I mean…aren’t numbers really just for vanity?

Not exactly.

The human psychology is such that we make decisions based on what is likely to be the safest, most positive outcome. Others going first, is a big part of that decision-making paradigm.

It comes from the herd mentality of our ancestors.  (Stay close to your tribe, you are much less likely to be Tony the Tiger’s supper that evening.)

Think of it this way…

If you are in a new town and looking for a place to eat…

Are you going to the restaurant with two cars in the lot (probably the server and the cook) or 20?

Depends if you are looking for the quick slim down method called food poisoning.

Or if you went to a crowded beach and no one was in the water, would you go running in? Or would you first wonder why there was no one swimming in there?

Perhaps Jaws was spotted moments ago?

There are a lot of naysayers when it comes to growing followers.

And usually it is said by those who don’t have any.

Funny how that works, isn’t it?

There are four main reasons why growing your followers is so important….


  1. Social Proof:

More fans mean more social proof that you have a legitimate business.

If someone goes to your Facebook page and you only have 227 fans, it doesn’t give their subconscious brain the confidence to move forward with you.

They need social proof to believe you are the right fit and move forward with opting in to your list, let alone becoming your customer.

Think of it in terms of shopping on Amazon.

Same product. Same prize. One has 10x more reviews.

Which do you purchase?


  1. Referrals:

Want referrals without having to ask for them?

The sweet biscuits and gravy thing is, every time someone likes your page, it shows up to their friends and family. Naturally, your best customers come from word of mouth and this is the only way to speed word of mouth introductions along.

This screenshot shows the number of new fans I get each week through word of mouth, aka, for FREE!


  1. More Reach:

There are people right now just waiting to hear from you. There are pains you can heal, problems you can solve, joys you can create, customers you can get, clients you can convert—but only if you can reach those who are waiting to hear from you right now. By expanding your network you can reach more people 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

I reach over HALF A MILLION people a week with my posts.


  1. And finally, the sweet ring of the ching ching:

When you grow your followers, not only will your other Facebook ads cost less but you can make sales directly to your fans, as we do every single week.

We continue to make sales with our prospects even though we are bringing them in for less than 1 cent each. In fact, for every dollar we spend on Facebook ads to get fans, we are getting $7.56 back.

Growing your audience is the first step to growing a wildly successful business.

Get fans, build your list and multiply your sales.

Ready to grow yours?

Join our 10x Your Fans Challenge right now.

The Challenge is free, but your results will be epic.

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