There Are Riches In Niches

When I first got in line at the registration desk, I thought perhaps the group of friends ahead of me were an eclectic group all unto themselves and I didn’t think much else about it.

Until I overheard the tallest of the group, towering at about 6’ 5”, with a horse-ear headband and My Little Ponys hanging all across his backpack, ask the hotel staffer, “Are you ready for us? We are a colorful group.”

I started to get a little nervous.

Yes, I am reminded each Sunday that I am to share love for everyone regardless of who they are or what they do, just as my favorite sandal-less man did, but I couldn’t help myself.

So when I approached the registration desk I asked… a bit afraid of the answer, “Um, what is going on here this weekend?”

Her reply was ready, as though she had answered this a few times before, but still she was unable to make eye contact while doing so…

“PonyCon.  A Convention of My Little Pony Enthusiasts.”

Who, by the way, were mostly grown men. They call themselves “Bronies.”

They had workshops about the story lines, trade rooms where you could buy and sell your animals, a VIP meet and greet with the voice actors and actresses, and even a pony Burlesque show. I didn’t go, so no, I can’t describe it.  But my dear friend Lauren attended a sports banquet for Monmouth University in that same hotel right in the midst of it (just picture those worlds colliding and they did) over the weekend, so I can set you up for a conversation if you are so inclined.

And while we didn’t attend PonyCon but did fulfill our mission to relax and enjoy, we couldn’t resist taking a picture with the drink menu.

And here’s a closeup:

So while this can be tossed away as just “weird.” It shouldn’t be.

  • There were 700 people attending this event. 700.
  • For a niche of men who love My Little Pony.
  • The event sold out and so did the hotel.

What it should reinforce is that there isn’t a business out there that shouldn’t niche.

When you do niche, you become the expert, the go-to resource that is the eminent authority. You attract the best clients who are willing and able to pay you top dollar.  And that money is less about the expensive price you charge and more about the value you bring your audience.

About a year ago we developed our first truly niche company, Elite Capital Advisers, focusing on seminar registration generation for Financial Advisers.

This company has grown at a 100x rate above what our overall agency ever has.  Our content is on-point, focused on them. Our case studies speak to our success with real numbers they can relate to. Our sales messaging speaks to their specific pain points. We attract the best advisers in the nation and they are ready to buy our services when I speak to them. We attract more leads and close more deals.

We’ve developed a team that only focuses on this other company so that they too are the specialists in their niche.

It has been so successful that it is what is making up our future growth plans…more niches.  For more riches.

What can you do to niche out more and become the “go to” expert in your field?

I will share a few tips and strategies in the next few weeks to get you started.  For now, start thinking about the most profitable of your niches that exists in your client base right now.

If you are holding on to the fear that you won’t be able to make your niche profitable, that you will lose out on business or won’t be able to make a narrow focus work, remember, a hotel sold out when they invited in “Bronies.”


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