These (Just Discovered) Facebook Hacks Work

Put it all on black…

I’ll gamble when it counts. 

As someone who spends over six figures a year on Facebook Ads, we are always looking for ways to scale our ads and decrease our costs. I’ll test just about anything. Most things don’t work…but when I find winners, I go ALL in.

These latest strategies are CRUSHING it.

Here are the top three Facebook Hacks that are killing it for us right now:

1. Campaign Budget Optimization:

Sounds all fancy, but it’s really just how to budget for Facebook Ads.

Previously we had always set up the budget using ads at the Ad Set level.  Recently Facebook had a little button pop up that offered setting the budget at the Campaign level instead.  Like a moment at the roulette table with all money going on black, I clicked it and went all in.

…And our results have been incredible. Our lead cost went from $8.39 to $5.31.  That change allowed us to bring in 40% more leads for the same cost.

2. Personalized Images

I was researching (spying on) major brands that also run weekly webinars and saw an interesting trend…they were using more personal pictures.  So on a whim, I quickly snapped a selfie in my kitchen and tried it as an ad, and it is working incredibly.

This is great news for marketers because you don’t need fancy schmancy designers to create new ads and you can change up your ads on the fly.

3. Using the Same Ad in Each Ad Set 

We used to duplicate ads and ad sets as we expanded campaigns, but in researching how Facebook prices and distributes ads, we changed that. You see, Facebook values social proof above all else and using the same ad in each ad set allows you to stack all of the likes, comments and shares to keep the social proof multiplying.

We also encourage social proof by making a big deal out of anyone who shares, tags or comments on a post. Because they are helping us get the word out and we would love for others to do it too.

Choose an existing ad post at the ad level:

If you have campaigns running now, try out one or more of these strategies and see the impact it makes on your results.

If you don’t currently have campaigns running, check out my free webcast sharing our most profitable campaign at

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