This just in…Free Leads and Sales (get 13 times more leads on LinkedIn)

Want a free way to get more leads and sales that is super quick and easy to get going?

Yeah, who doesn’t?

Let me reintroduce you to a little friend you may have heard something about… LinkedIn.

When LinkedIn first hit the scene, it was almost a static catalog of very boring resumes. Then, for misguided salespeople, it became a place for Spammy-Mc-Spammerson sales messages that are readily ignored.

However, if you are dismissing LinkedIn because it doesn’t have the bells and whistles of Facebook or Snapchat, you are making a big mistake. Used effectively, the tool can be a powerhouse for FREE lead generation, sales, and business building.

Just a few stats that are noteworthy:

  • There are over 2 BILLION searches a day on LinkedIn.
  • At least one member of every Fortune 500 C-Suite is on LinkedIn.
  • There is no other free platform where you can uncover this much valuable data about individual prospects.

Here’s one quick way to 13x the number of leads and sales you get from LinkedIn. And when you are done, comment below with a link to your LinkedIn profile so you can share with the world how truly skilled you are (and pick up even MORE free leads and sales!).

If you are on LinkedIn, chances are you’ve seen the “Skills” section of your profile.

It looks like this:

Skills may seem like a waste of time, but spending a few minutes ranks you higher in not only LinkedIn Searches, but also all Google Searches.

LinkedIn reports that those with Skills listed, show up 13x more often in searches for services on LinkedIn. With 2 Billion searches a day, this is a big deal.

So what to do?

First, you should control what skills are listed and they should be based on those that people in your niche are looking for. Do a little research with the handy dandy tool, SpyFu, to find out keywords in your niche.

Then, simply add those keywords to your profile one word at a time.

Once you’ve completed this, you are much more likely to be found by prospects looking for your expertise and you are likely to rank higher in overall SEO searches on Google.


In the meantime take this quick quiz to find out if your profile is attracting or repelling people. CLICK HERE FOR THE LinkedIn PROFILE ASSESSMENT QUIZ.

And then post a link to your LinkedIn profile in the comments to share your killer profile page and attract even more free leads and sales.

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