When bamboo is first planted, it doesn’t seem to do much… until three years later, after the slow process of getting established and taking root pays off with a huge growth spurt. All those years beforehand, it was establishing the groundwork to prepare to take off.

Similarly, we need to make incremental changes over time to create our own big payoffs down the road. Losing 25 pounds starts today with not eating until our pants feel tight. Having a best-selling book means writing 1,000 words before going to bed. Launching a new product funnel means writing a headline for your landing page today.

One step forward at a time…

Others see the “overnight success” but you and I know it takes many days of small steps forward to equal one giant leap.

The thing is, it can be hard to keep moving forward when you know the destination is so far away. You can barely see it in the distant horizon, but right now the couch is calling your name. Plus, there is a soft fuzzy throw that would feel so good if you snuggled up right about now…

So how do we keep going when the going is exhausting?

1. Keep your why in mind. Setting your “very big reason” for starting the journey for change is an important step. Put it on a post-it note and keep it in a visible spot where you will be/should be working on whatever goal you have set for yourself.

2. Schedule time to get your big goal done and schedule other things around it. If you just leave it to chance, your big goals won’t happen. (Powerful Professionals, this is where your Made to Thrive Planner comes in handy… don’t have one yet? Check out www.Madetothriveplanner.com)

3. Get accountable. Telling someone else your big goal’s task for that week not only helps you stay on track but also gives a little endorphin rush when you are able to report back that you accomplished your goal for the week. That helps make the long journey go faster and fill it with more joy. That’s why in our Powerful Professionals Business Coaching Facebook Group our members share weekly what their big North Star Goal is for the week.

These three steps will help you keep going beyond the “fun start” time of a project. When it is boring and your brain (that was created for survival) is trying to convince you that you are too exhausted to keep going… it will try to give you every reason in the world to stop.

But with a system in place, you won’t. You’ll lean into your “why,” stick to your schedule, and remain accountable. And with each small step, you will be that much closer to your one giant leap.

You’ve got this.

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  1. Good advice. There are many others that are effective as well. One is a daily to do list with carry over items at the top. Striking items off list as completed gives sense of accomplishment, carryover items get prioritized, and if list is shared can push accountability.

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