Tools To Get Your Lead Magnet Funnel Created Faster

Last week I gave a pretty tough challenge to you. Not only did I suggest you create a lead magnet, but I suggested that it should be an entire lead funnel that turns one of your tribe members into a customer, and that it be filled with not just information, but tools they could use.

I know… it was a toughie!

So to make your life easier this week, I put together a list of resources you can use to get YOUR job done faster.


Tools to Get Your Lead Magnet Funnel Created Faster (Tweet this) 

A few of these links are affiliates, meaning if you use them and pay the same price as everyone else, I receive a commission. But all of them are things that we use in our business and would recommend whether or not we were affiliates. 

(a) Quora – Ask and answer questions, and collaborate with an entire community of online users.

(b) BuzzSumo – BuzzSumo uses data from your own content to see what is performing well. Use it to help find content that influences and promotes your business.

(c) Google Keyword Planner Tool A free tool that helps your business find popular keywords that would be beneficial for you to lead a successful campaign.

(d) Facebook Audience Insights Use this tool to find the exact types of people that influence your business, like targeting specific demographics, purchase activity, geography, and more.

(e) Fancy Hands – It’s your very own virtual assistant! Send a request to have them do research, make calls, and more to help you be more productive with your day!


I. Others to Write or Create Your Tool for You

(a) Upwork – Easily find freelance writers, artists, assistants, accountants, and more to improve productivity and your all-around business.

(b) Fiverr – Find services from writers, artists, computer experts, and other professionals to get more done at an unbeatable price.

(c) – Hire talented, virtual freelancers who are also stay-at-home mothers!

(d) Text Broker – Choose from thousands of qualified writers to create content for your business. Use new content to capture attention and to boost search rankings.


II. Platforms to publish your resources

(a) Leadpages – Use LeadPages to create a landing page in less than five minutes that is computer and mobile-friendly, and you don’t have to mess around with coding!

(b) WordPress – Choose from hundreds of designs to create a free webpage that can be used for websites, blogs, and more.

(c) SquareSpace – Create an eye-catching, professional website to sell your product, make an online portfolio, or even create a personalized website for your wedding.

(d) Unbounce – Use an existing template (or create your own) to build your own custom landing page.

(e ) CreateSpace (Amazon’s Publishing Platform) – Publish your book through CreateSpace and make it available to millions of potential readers, without the hassle of going through a huge publishing chain.


III.  Miscellaneous

(a) For keeping ideas: Evernote – It’s Pinterest, but for business! Collect ideas, take notes, and convert your discoveries into easy to read presentations with just a few clicks.

(b) For project management: Basecamp – Collaborate with team members, and keep information all in one place. Store files, create a schedule and deadlines, and converse with teammates with each “to-do” throughout a project.

(c) For ideas, inspiration and ROI: Powerful Professionals Business Coaching – Get access to this exclusive club on how to manage campaigns, invitations to workshops, exclusive access to weekly newsletters, and much more!

So get cranking and create a lead magnet. And if fear is stopping you, you can always tweak it later. You have to create the first one so you can perfect it. Plus, you have a moral obligation to connect with those meant to hear your message, so jump in!

Plus, I will promote your lead magnet for you to all of my social followers if you post it below before 4/30/16. So get drafting and share with me a link to what you create below!

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