Top 5 Tools I Use to Create My Keynotes, Sales Presentations, and Webinars

Time hacks and cool apps… these are a few of my favorite things. J And since speaking online and in person is responsible for over 7 figures in my business, I love finding new hacks that will save me time and/or make me more effective.

Below are some of my favorite tools for creating Keynote Addresses, Sales Presentations, and Webinars. Share your favorite in the comments and you could win a Kindle Fire loaded up with some of my favorite marketing books!

  1. WordSwag – My favorite social media post design app comes in handy here, too. I use this app to create most of my slides in my presentations. Not only are the photos free and high enough quality to be enlarged on screen, but it takes a matter of seconds to design each one. Reason # 2,345 I love this app.
  2. Yeti Bluetooth Microphone: When doing a webinar, you can lose money if people leave because of low-quality sound. And with the harsh nasal-y North East tonality of my voice, I need all the help I can get. This microphone is only $100 but produces high quality sound that softens even the toughest New York Italian. (Ask me how I know…)
  3. LeadDigits: Whenever I speak on stage, besides doing my best to make the audience laugh, cry, and want to change the world in under an hour of our time together, I am going to either go for the sale or go for the lead. When going for the lead, I always share two options—a weblink and a texting option. For texting, my app of choice is LeadDigits by LeadPages. It is included with a LeadPages Pro account.  (You also get some amazing other benefits. Check that out here.)
  4. Quote-ables with Hashtags: When speaking on stage, if you want your message to get shared, you can be strategic to make this happen. When you are sharing a particularly good nugget of wisdom, put quotes around it when you share it on screen. Tell the audience, “This is worth writing down,” and add a hashtag onto it so you can track those who share it on social media. Warning: don’t get carried away with this idea… too many quotes and this strategy will not work. Limit yourself to 3. (And don’t use this strategy when presenting a webinar… you don’t want to do anything that will distract your audience from the on-screen presentation.)


  1. Lighting: I’m on camera almost every day doing our training live. To appear in the “best light possible,” pun intended, I use this ring light. It is one that beauty bloggers use to do makeup tutorials and it works great for web videos. And the investment is teeny tiny… less than $100.

What are some of your favorite tools of the trade? Let me know in the comments below and you could win a Kindle Fire loaded up with some of my favorite marketing books.

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  1. This is a great post Kim. I’m a professional speaker and definitely follow your work as well. I’ve emceed on a lot of big stages and use some of these tools myself. I will check out the rest for sure as you always have very real-world sound advice. Also, I put on my own events and one is called SPEAK SELL SERVE. I’d love to discuss with you coming to speak and talking about the social media and promotion part of it with my audience. I’ll also send you an email. Here’s my website

    1. Kim Walsh Phillips

      Sounds interesting! Good for you! Love that you are leaning into your passions. Would be happy to talk about your event. All inquiries for speaking go to my agent at Amy Eddy at [email protected]

  2. My favorite presentation designing tool? Photoshop. I always find myself using it and sometimes even Illustrator to get my presentations looking as good as possible. I’d rather design a slide to look exactly like I want than to stick with just one tool and only get it “pretty close.”

  3. Frances Agnello

    Bluetooth Mic?! Wow- who would have known.

    The lighting can also be used for makeup, in addition to Vlogging which increases value more. Thanks for sharing.

    So let me get this straight, Leadpages (leaddigits) is partnered with Powerful Pros as a bonus!?

  4. ThePixel

          What’s the greatest takeaway you find teachers receive from participating in these webinars?

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