Turning Facebook Fans into Money…A Marketing Miracle

If you have gone through the 3daysto10k.com training, you now have thousands of new fans. The question is, how do you turn them into cash-paying customers?

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Now that you have so many Facebook Fans, it is time to start monetizing them.

From my co-author of “The No B.S. Guide to Direct Response Social Media Marketing,” Dan Kennedy, “You can’t afford to buy into nonsensical ‘new metrics’ promulgated by the promoters of social media or by users ignorant of, or by virtue of employment by big, dumb companies, divorced from real economics. If you feel you must have presence, if you must participate, you must make it pay. In real dollars, not imaginary, hopeful metrics. Money.”

We are all in the money business. Not the likes, friends, views, tweets, re-tweets, and viral videos business. The Money Business.

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Here’s one spot you can monetize right away:

The Call To Action button:

Every page has one, but most don’t set it up. When you click on the button, it gives you the option to insert a link.

Step One:

Insert a link that will drive to your Juicy Carrot (a free giveaway of value that your target audience will gladly give their contact information for. In fact, it has to be so good that if it weren’t free your target market would pay for it.

And, then track how many people visit your Juicy Carrot from your Facebook page.

Facebook allows you to see the insights on your page. Just this week alone, 47 people have come over to my website for free by clicking on that link.

And that is just the start. From my Facebook fans, we are getting a 756% return on investment. Meaning for every dollar we spend going after fans, we get $7.56 back.

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  1. Hi Kim. I agree with Dan Kennedy and am always looking for ways to bring followers on social media to my website, especially my blog and subscriber list where I am able to deliver true value. I have the juicy carrot on my Facebook Fan Page and change it sometimes to promote a seasonal gift. The CTA was Sign Up and after reading your post, I’ve changed it to Learn More.

    I’m keen to see how the changed CTA will work.

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