What Email Provider Should I Use for My Business?

$1 per person.

That’s the “industry standard” for how much you should earn each month from those on your email list.

Have a list of 1,000? You should get a minimum of $1,000 a month from them.  5,000, you get $5,000. 100,000, you get $100,000. And so on.

And while that’s all well and good (actually, it’s more good for us…we get $3-$5 per person on our list every month because our list is engaged and filled with the most amazing #PowerTribe peeps), the question is…where do all of these people go?

When you start diving into “what email provider should I use?” searches you will find more options than there are emails to put in them. And it can get really, really confusing with terms like “Auto-responder,” “CRM” and database.

Forget all of the email list slang, here’s a breakdown of what to use for each stage of your business.

You: I am just getting started and don’t have a website yet.

How exciting for you in getting started! You are at the best part…when you can make anything happen. You have a dream, you want to test it out and you are willing to put a little skin in the game but you’d like to have a bit more in terms of results before going all in.

I get you. I was you not too long ago.

Start with a free trial of LeadPages. With LeadPages, you can build a whole website in a few minutes with their site builder, you get all of the opt-in/juicy carrot pages you want and there is automatic email delivery of your Juicy Carrot/lead magnet. Plus, you’ll start building your list right away.


YOU: I’m Already Started, Have a Website and Less Than 2,500 On My List

If you are going old school with a spreadsheet and Outlook, or Hotmail and a BCC, you are not alone.  That was my go-to “system” for longer than I care to admit.

Thankfully there is a better way that is much less time consuming and much easier to manage. Plus, they’ve got some advanced features that can help with list growth.

To those with under 2,500 on their lists, I recommend MailChimp. It’s super easy to use and it is free to use until you grow and then only a few dollars a month.

Click here to snag an account.


You: I have a business, a website and over 2,500 email subscribers  

Time to toast yourself and your hustle. Well done in growing that list…as you know, it is everything.

If you want to turn that list into more sales, referrals and repeat business, then it’s time to amp up your marketing game.

For those with over 2,500 on their list, we recommend Infusionsoft as your email marketing platform.

With Infusionsoft you can automatically put people on different lists based on their behaviors. Like someone who just signed up for your webinar tomorrow will get a “starting now” email and someone who didn’t will get a “register now” email.

Or those that haven’t purchased from you in the last 30 days can get a “We want you back” campaign to multiply your sales in just a few clicks of a button.

We’ve been Infusionsoft users for years now and have leveraged this platform to grow our business.

Check out Infusionsoft here.

Whichever you decide, do not overcomplicate it. You aren’t marrying your email service provider, you are just signing up and can change anytime. The most important thing is that you get started.

Want my tips to quickly add 1,000 people to your email list?  Sign up for our free training!

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