What My Huge Mistake Was in Our Million-Dollar Funnel


It was about this time last year when I first discovered a little “hack.” I had been searching videos on YouTube, taking tutorials, reading like a mad woman… all so I could find unique strategies to scale our audience without spending a ton of money.

You see, we had decided to run a fall launch but didn’t have the money budgeted. So instead of going deep into debt to build a list, I sought another way…

And I found it.

It was then that I found a strategy that I have taught to over 50,000+ entrepreneurs… Get 10,000+ Fans in 72 Hours.

This training is 100% free and gains the trust of 99.9% of the attendees because when they follow what I say to do, it works. (The other .1% think it’s a scam even though it’s free, and it works, but I attribute that to them getting the pacifier taken away too early or some other such nonsense.)

At the end of day three I offer the participants a chance to move forward in getting cash-paid customers by enrolling in our signature program, The 12-Minute Social Media Cash Machine. And here’s where I made a HUGE mistake.

While the Get 10,000 Fans in 72 Hours program is super simple with no guesswork (“click here, do this sort of thing”) in the 12-Minute Social Media Cash Machine, I offered choices. Too many choices. I tried to give students every variable under the sun to launch their profitable marketing campaign.

Now don’t get me wrong, a lot of students soared in the program.

Like Magda Castañeda, who grew her list by more than 2,000 email addresses and profited $18,875 dollars from her webinar. And Stuart Siegel who is making money while filling College Planning Seminars with qualified financial advisor clients.

But there were others who were overwhelmed by the choices. Like walking into a cereal aisle and just wanting “corn flakes,” only to leave with nothing because it was just too dang confusing.

I get you, boo.

It was a mistake so many make… giving the entire kitchen, when someone just wants a cold drink of water from the sink.

Listening to the feedback of our students, we went back to the drawing board (more like white board and a bucket of dry erase markers) and simplified things. Less teaching and more “already done for you.” Less of the “how” and more of the “what.”

Because none of us are looking for more information. What we are looking for is implementation and more importantly, transformation.

This way, every person who enrolls in the 12-Minute Social Media Cash Machine can start generating revenue immediately from the program from the very first day.

I am freaking out with excitement at the do-over of the program… it is incredible.

It is the most sincere form of apology possible… not just expressing my apologies, but making it right.

To ensure you benefit in all of this, I’ve put together a brand new Livecast for Tuesday where I take you behind the scenes of our multi-million dollar and reveal the confidential ‘inner-workings’ of our most success campaign EVER!

CLICK HERE TO RESERVE YOUR SPOT NOW or go to https://powerfulprofessionals.com/secrets-revealed

And let me know in the comments if you would be so kind as to accept my apologies and if I will see you at the Livecast on Tuesday.

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    1. Kim Walsh Phillips

      Thank you Jonas! Stoked to have you join us on air!

    1. Kim Walsh Phillips

      Aren’t you sweet?! Thank you Pamela! Excited to have you on tomorrow!

  1. Tom Fletcher

    Always excited to see what you have in store for us! Thanks for your honesty 🙂

    1. Kim Walsh Phillips

      Tom, thank you! Very kind of you. Glad you will join us!

  2. I’m new to Powerful Professionals but know that this is legit because I grew a brand new page to 22,000 followers in a little over a week. So I’m all in for the next step BUT… I’m leaving for a business trip And won’t be able to tune in. HELP Kim don’t leave me hanging.

    1. Kim Walsh Phillips

      We thank you for your feedback, Tammy. I’m working to see if we can have this available to you 🙂 . Safe travels!

  3. I’m booked already tomorrow at 2 (I need to know sooner about this stuff ❤️😉) but I’ve signed up anyway and hope you will bless those who can’t attend (due to the short notice) with a replay.

    I love you too much not to forgive you.

  4. I was able to grow my likes to 16,000 – however, most of them were not my avatar, so as I tried to transfer into attracting my ideal avatar, it has been very hard to attract. Also, I assist several other partners to attract more clients and I was not able to help them get more than a few likes – even with just focusing on outside the US, UK, Canada and Australia. Nothing seemed to work. I think Facebook does not like people trying to suggest people like a page anymore. Feeling very frustrated.

    1. Kim Walsh Phillips

      Hi Cathy! The cost per like in your target audience will definitely go up, but it will be much lower than if you hadn’t started worldwide. That’s an amazing number you’ve gotten to grow, though.

  5. I agree with Cathy’s comment. A like from someone in a non-English speaking company – actually anywhere outside the United States- doesn’t really help me much. On the subject of your mistake, of course you are forgiven. Not sure I can make the live webinar so I hope for those of us who already are members that there will be a replay. As well as access to all of the new materials, right? Thanks, Kim. Looking forward to learning from your mistakes. 🙂

    1. Kim Walsh Phillips

      Carol, the likes are a way to generate social status. Will keep you posted!

  6. Been following you–do not think I have bought anything but you are a woman of value –so nothing to forgive–appreciate your effort and commitment

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