What You Need To Know About Facebook’s Location Targeting

Does it matter to your business who you target? Do you care where the people live? Like, do you want them to live in your country or surrounding town or a certain zip code?

For our clients How to Magnetically Attract Prospects Free Trainingsuch as financial planners, attorneys, brick and mortar locations like nail spas, retail stores, and even ecommerce that only serves certain countries, location matters. But if you are placing ads on Facebook and not specifying the type of location, you could be reaching people who don’t live in your chosen area.

When you choose the location, it automatically goes after everyone in your location, both those who live there and those who are passing through. If you just want those who live there, make sure to select that option. (Tweet this)




Here are the four options Facebook offers:



And choosing correctly matters. When I put in “Friends of Facebook Fans” in the town where I live, the reach was 21,000, but when I switched to “lives here” it was only 14,000. Granted, I happen to live in a beach community, so our tourist numbers may be impacted more than yours, but it is still worth setting it up correctly.

This little change can help to increase your reach within your budget and get you the next BUYER you are looking for.


How to Magnetically Attract Prospects Free Training

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