If you made it to this page it’s because you read the article “Who Are You Running With?” so congrats on using the resources you’re paying for AND taking action.

I’ve kept this simple because I want you to share as well and I picked 7 areas important to me. They could be similar or different to yours just make sure to write them down…for yourself and post them. Let’s make 2018 great!

What Is Mike Running Towards in 2018

Revenue Goal: $356,000 (that’s NOT income…I will be running marketing for my course which will cut into profits heavily but I’ll have a revenue of $356,000 in 2018)

Spiritual Goal: Daily time in prayer. 3x a week in study. 3x a month at church. Set-up auto-give to Crosspoint.

Physical Goal: Workout 4x a week. Fit into 34 inch waist pants…comfortably 😉

Social Goal: Go out with friends at least 1x every 2 weeks. Join 3 social groups here in Nashville.

Educational Goal: Read non-fiction 5x a week, listen to 3 hours of podcasts/week, attend seminar quarterly

Development Goal: Join a mastermind group (completed)

Implementation Goal: Release program for real estate agents by June 1st

Family Goal: Talk to my parents 1x/week. See parents 4x/yr. See Jeff 6x a year. Facetime Tyler and Anneliese 1/month. See Tyler/Anneliese 3x/yr.