Why Speaking from Stage is One of the Best Things I Ever Did for My Business

To say this week was surreal would be an understatement.

As I write this, I am about to embark on the last full day at Digital Marketer’s Traffic and Conversion Summit in beautiful San Diego, California.

A little behind the scenes as to what has happened since I got here…

  1. Sunday, I was co-host of a huge networking event with Rise 25, met a lot of great people and had several folks come up to little ol’ me saying they always wanted to meet me. Even got some business venture pitches thrown at me, which I thought was something reserved for fancy schmancy/famous people…
  2. I spoke on stage at the event to hundreds of people. There were lines afterwards for autographs, requests for follow-up meetings, and we even finalized a speaking deal with two of the attendees for more than $50,000 to speak in Russia… seriously.   I mean… a dream? No, this really happened.
  3. And then last night I was invited to an exclusive party on a yacht with the Top 100 marketers and brands… and I was an actual guest. Amongst the brilliant and beautiful, like J.J. Virgin, Christian Mickelsen, Todd Herman, and Andrew Warner… I just kept thinking, “Pinch me.” This must be a dream. It wasn’t. I knew for sure it was real because in a dream my feet wouldn’t have hurt so much by the time I got back. (Then again, I don’t wear heels because they are comfortable.)

I don’t share any of this to brag.  Far from it.

I share because this is SO FLIPPING DIFFERENT from what my life was like before. How I used to have to skip events because I couldn’t afford the plane fare or tickets.  Or live in fear the whole week that my credit card would get declined at some point and I would be found out as a failing business owner who has a house of cards that was put together with terrible cheap glue and could fall at any second…

We struggled for so long because I did what I thought I was “supposed to do.”  I thought I should answer RFPs and go to networking events because that is what everyone else did.

When I started to lean into my passions – speaking and writing – everything changed…

We got higher paying clients.  People came to US asking to work with us and expecting to pay top dollar.

I got requests to guest blog which eventually led to multiple book deals.

I started to get tens of thousands of dollars to speak.

Now don’t get me wrong, this didn’t happen overnight. And I didn’t “magically get good” at speaking on stage. I started by going to the pros who had done it before me and learned from them.

Because I’ve always believed that if you want to be the best, you should learn from the best.

The first course I ever took was Lisa Sasevich’s “Speak to Sell.” And it was my game changer. I discovered how to set up my messaging to captivate my audience, keep their attention, and close big sales at the end.  Something I never thought possible before.

If you have a desire to speak on stage, I encourage you to go for it.  Arm yourself with the tools you need to lean into your passion… because they aren’t an accident. They are after all, your God Given super power, my friend.

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