Ever thought about how webinars and packing for a beach vacation are similar? No? Well, let me enlighten you…

Both can feel daunting at first glance (webinars with their idea ideation, tech set up, marketing campaigns and vacation planning with the thoughts of “what to bring,” “who’s going to watch the dog,” “how are we getting to the airport,” “where did I leave my pink scuba mask last?”) But once we finish the task at hand, each has a big reward at the end.

We can clearly see this of course when it comes to imagining ourselves dipping our toes in the sand and taking that first sip of a delicious mojito handed to us by Hans, the interesting world-traveler cabana boy who always has the next drink ready a few sips before the last one is gone (you are welcome to insert your own vacation fantasy here, but since this is my email I get to do mine…)

And what if while you did that, you also imagined sales flooding your business while you took time off for a well-deserved tropical escape.

THIS is the gift of a webinar.

You do the work up front, and it gives back to you over and over again.

(If only the same could be said for each trip I pack for.)

Here's the deal: webinars are your secret weapon to generating leads while you're off doing… literally anything else.

Why? Because they let you show off your expertise without having to clone yourself. People tune in to hear your expertise and as you detail the problem and how to solve it, they are walked into the desire to work with you.

At the end of the presentation, you can either get them to book a call or make an introductory offer to work with you.

All while you discuss why Hans only does carry-on on his international travels.

Stay tuned to tomorrow’s email where you discover the 4 main parts to your webinar format.

In the meantime, ask Hans for some extra mint on the next serving. Trust me, you’ll love it.


Kim “All about Your Success, And Amusement” Walsh Phillips

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