How To Get Facebook To Give You Buyers Instead Of Leads or “Likes”

If you want true ROI from your social media marketing, then your time, money and energy should focus around going after buyers instead of “lookey-loos” or tire-kickers. Focus from the start on those who need your product, programs or services (Tweet this) and give them something that will make their lives better instead of just simply giving them more information.

No one wants more information. They WANT results. (Tweet this)

Here are a few examples you can swipe and deploy for your own business.


Local Business Examples

True Concepts Hair Salon

Like any of her fellow business owners, stylist and salon owner in Red Bank, NJ, Kim Katz, wanted to bring in more clients. She had wasted a lot of time and money in the past on campaigns that didn’t produce results. Kim didn’t have a landing page program or an email system to use, so we leveraged Facebook’s Lead Ads to set up a campaign that would occur 100% on Facebook.

We developed an offer that would target paying customers who get their hair highlighted and would need regular maintenance.

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The results:

  • $300 spent
  • 56 new offer redemptions
  • Cost per client $5.36
  • Value per client $150
  • ROI: 3,000%

The offer focused on bringing people in the door who were interested in multiple services and would make great long-term clients. And instead of running something like this on Groupon where she would have to split the profits, she ran her ads on Facebook and was able to keep all of the money brought in on this offer.

 “I wasted so much money and time trying to market before on Facebook. With Kim’s system we aren’t measuring worthless ‘clicks.’ We are counting new clients!”

– Kim Katz

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Online Marketing:  Put Your Best Customers First

GKIC Insider’s Circle is a marketing association.  They have incredible tracking in place and know that their best members form from those who read one of the founder Dan Kennedy’s books.  (Yours truly as his co-author of “The No B.S. Guide to Direct Response Social Media Marketing.”)

We used this information to create a sales funnel that would lead with a $1 book offer.  This offer beat out “free + shipping” in our split-testing.


The results:

  • Ad Spend: $12,062
  • Books Purchased: 487
  • New Members: 112
  • Total Revenue: $168,000
  • ROI: 1,392%

Image 3Image 4


“Working with Kim and Elite Digital Group has been nothing short of incredible. They truly get how to make money using Facebook with track-able, measureable results. We’ve launched campaign after successful campaign and without their work we’d be missing out on five figures of income each and every month. If you’re interested in growing your business using social media and Facebook ads, just do what Kim says. They are not an expense for us but a profit center and I can’t recommend them highly enough.”

-Mike Stodola, Director of Lead Generation

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Business to Business

Dr. Phelan focuses on selling training programs to other dentists.  He sends traffic into an automated webinar and successfully sells a $3,000 training program.

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Ignore those that say Facebook can’t work for b-to-b (Tweet this).  With Dr. Phelan’s campaign to COLD traffic, he is bringing in webinar registrants for $4 each and selling a $3,000 seminar.


Professional Services

While I am well known for my Facebook marketing, LinkedIn also works well for me in driving new business. In fact, one of my recent LinkedIn articles written over 18 months ago still drives comments, likes, shares and inquiries each week.  And I’ve never put any dollars behind promoting it.

Image 8

If you are not using LinkedIn long-form posts, you are missing out on a lot of potential revenue for your business (Tweet this).


Financial Services

Lange Financial wanted to hold a seminar for seniors over the age of 62 to inform them about changing social security laws. The seminar was purely informational, and at the end visitors had the option to book an appointment with an advisor.

We positioned the ads to show James Lange as the leading expert for IRAs talking about his success in the area.

Results of the Ad Campaign

  • 40 registrants
  • Average cost per registration: $16.44
  • Total spent: $657
  • Top-performing ad: a combination of location and age, meaning cold traffic won over website traffic
  • The winning ad:

Image 9

Previously Lange Financial filled their workshops with direct mail. We’ve now used Facebook to fill them successfully country-wide and have done so at a lower cost per attendee than any other marketing they have used in the past.

According to James Lange, “We have been averaging roughly 15 additional attendees at each of my workshops because of Facebook. Frankly, up to now, I could not beat or even come close to direct mail dollar for dollar for filling seats, but you have well surpassed my ‘control.’ Facebook has provided the lowest cost and yet quality leads of any other channel. Who knew?”

Big Lesson:

When sending traffic to a registration page, set up the sale by positioning yourself as the market leader.

Forget leads. Focus on BUYERS to reach more of who is most likely to become a customer for life (Tweet this).

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